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Trillion: God of Destruction
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Trillion: God of Destruction

An odd JRPG that rewards patient players willing to experiment and craft the right battle plan.

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We’ve seen some pretty odd concepts come out of Japan in recent years. Tokyo Jungle stars a butt-kicking Pomeranian in post-apocalyptic Tokyo, for instance. Hyperdimension Neptunia is an entire series about video game consoles fighting for shares in the game industry. And then we’ve got this game: Trillion: God of Destruction, an entire 20-30 hour JRPG about defeating a single absurdly powerful foe. Turns out that a trillion HP is actually quite a lot, so you’re going to need some help…

You play Zeabolos, the king of Hell and former personification of Wrath, which is a pretty swanky position if you ask me. It certainly seems like an easy job…at least until Hell’s attacked by Trillion, the titular God of Destruction, a monster formed from a trillion curses that’s ready to kick some demon butt. Ol’ Z takes the fight to Trillion but is quickly shown the error of his ways when he’s killed during the battle.

That’s not the end of Zeabolos, of course, or this wouldn’t be much of a game. Z’s brought back by Faust, a mysterious woman with a grudge against Trillion, in exchange for promising her his soul after the God of Destruction is defeated. His reincarnated form isn’t in any shape to battle Trillion, though, so Z’s going to have to rely on his Overlords, a bunch of girls serving as his lieutenants who represent the remaining six deadly sins. The hope is that by training the Overlords in magic and battle, you’ll eventually be able to craft a force that can defeat Trillion.

Yes, much to my surprise, this is essentially a raising sim, something like Monster Rancher or the life sim parts of the modern Persona games. Trillion typically sleeps, during which time he’s invulnerable; this gives you time to work with your Overlords and improve their stats and skills. Consistent training will also provide access to the Valley of Swords, a mini-dungon that provides further gear and stat boosts. As you continue training your chosen Overlord you’ll be presented with cutscenes and skits that elaborate on her personality.

Eventually Trillion awakens and the time comes to take the fight to him. These take place in a large rectangular arena where you’ll have to make your way up to Trillion, dodging his attacks along the way, before getting some hits in. You’ll have to aim for various body part in order to weaken the monster and do some real damage. He’s got a trillion HP, of course, so this is absolutely no joke; defeating Trillion will shift him to his next form and advance the plot, but barring foreknowledge of what to do and some luck you won’t always win.

Losing to Trillion means the Overlord you were raising is toast; they’ll weaken him for the next challenger and transfer the majority of their training to whomever you choose next. This can be a little disheartening, since part of the training process involves getting to know your chosen Overlord and, well, Trillion just ate them.

The game’s presentation plays out like a visual novel, with lots of focus on your heroines and their interactions with Zeabolos and their trainers. Trillion himself is presented as imposingly as you’d expect, and it’s always interesting to see his next form. While the game’s art and aesthetics are nice, the animations tend to be questionable; meanwhile, the voice acting is surprisingly decent for a game that couldn’t have had much of a budget. It’s also a fairly stressful game given the limited amount of time you’ve got to train your Overlords and the significant consequences for failure.

That said, Trillion: God of Destruction requires a patient player who’s willing to experiment and replay sections if necessary. Working out an ideal training and battle plan is going to take some time and effort, more than you might expect given the concept. If you’re willing to put in the time, however, Trillion’s more than happy to accommodate you and give you a shot at bringing down the God of Destruction.

About the Author: Cory Galliher