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Train Simulator 2018
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Train Simulator 2018

Train lovers will go crazy for this one and the numerous DLC available.

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Let’s face it, there was a time in everyone’s life when we fell in love with watching trains go along their tracks, being able to ride on one, and even play with toy ones during our childhood. For some people, that love still continues on into adulthood, and that’s where Train Simulator 2018 comes in to help bring back those memories and fun times while also making new experiences thanks to being able to watch and play with trains from all over the world.

Dovetail Games has been at this series for a few years, and they’ve pretty much go it down to a science. This year’s edition continues to let players select a train from a nice size collection, drive or watch the train go along its route, or even make up their own courses, schedules, etc. This version also adds some new locations and routes players can play in and visit, such as the North Wales Coastal region with a cross-border railway, the Peninsula Corridor that journeys through San Francisco, and the Mittenwaldbahn that has you conducting locomotives through Austria. Also if you’re new to the series like I am, there’s a very helpful Train Simulator academy that will show you the ropes on how to get started and use your newfound skills on various types of trains and environments you’ll come across throughout the game.

If that wasn’t enough train action for you, any who play can also use the design mode to create their own train route complete with any scenery they want on their trail, from rivers and bridges, to trees, people and nature. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but those committed to making their own train world can finally go to town here and do so. As an added bonus, you can also share your creations for others to play online or play ones made by other people, so there’s always something new and exciting to do. Then there’s the loads of DLC for this game, and I do mean loads as there’s literally hundreds of dollars worth of optional tracks, trains, locations, and routes for you to purchase and experience.

Train Simulator 2018 is the game to get if you love all things trains, as there’s tons of them to try out and drive all over the many locations in this version and in the loads of optional DLC that’s available. Add in a training simulator for newcomers and a mode that lets you build your own train routes and locations, and you got a train ride you’ll easily sink plenty of hours into.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell