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Tiny Trax
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Tiny Trax

Unusual racing with a focus on constant speed, precise turning, and keeping an eye on things in VR.

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The PSVR is a pretty nice piece of kit, but here’s a warning: once you get the thing set up, you probably won’t want to tear it down again because it’s a pain in the butt to get everything back together again. You’ve got three cables or so, a routing box for the device itself, Move controllers to charge, the PS4 console itself…it’s a nightmare, honestly, compared to the “pick up a controller and play” style of regular PS4 games. Or just normal games in general.

If you’re going to go through all this you’d better hope that the game you’re about to play is worthwhile; Tiny Trax, a VR slot car racing game, might just be worth the effort if you’re into this sort of thing.

Tiny Trax goes a different route fro your average racer: it’s a fairly standard five-lap racing game with the gimmick being that you’re viewing the action from a fixed perspective rather than following your vehicle. Given that this is slot car racing, turning and drifting are handled in an unusual style that’s probably going to shake up your reflexes: the name of the game is taking corners as quickly as you can without stalling the car, rather than slowing down to corner more effectively. You’ll earn extra boost for this, which ideally you’ll dump on straightaways to get ahead of the pack.

Given that this is a pretty strong contradiction to how most racing games work, it’ll likely take you a few races to get the hang of things, but once you do it’s a pleasant and satisfying challenge. It’s worth mentioning that the AI is not playing around here and will happily kick your butt all over the track; you may have an easier time with the game’s online multiplayer, hilariously enough. You don’t have to think about weapons or anything like that as you might expect from this sort of racer, but I assure you that you won’t have the time to do so when you’re trying to get around turns just right.

This is also a pretty nice-looking title. As mentioned, you’re checking out the track from a relatively fixed viewpoint, physically turning to check out the action. Combining this with the unusual racing controls helps Tiny Trax feel unique by it might take a little getting used to. Tracks, environments and cars are all rendered in a cute animated style, appropriate for a racer that’s not trying too hard for realism; I was especially fond of the more futuristic tracks that give the VR setup a chance to shine.

As is typical for VR games, with only ten tracks or so to check out there’s not an enormous amount of content with Tiny Trax. Still, it’s a cute idea, multiplayer adds a little longevity and (perhaps most importantly) at $20 it’s not going to break the bank to give it a shot. Don’t come in expecting the next Mario Kart or anything like that, but If you’re looking for a reason to drag the ol’ PSVR headset back out, then you could probably do worse.

About the Author: Cory Galliher