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The Walking Dead Season Two: No Going Back (iOS)
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The Walking Dead Season Two: No Going Back (iOS)

While not as epic as the ground-breaking first season, The Walking Dead Season Two comes to a satisfying conclusion in No Going Back.

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As I stated in my review for the previous episode, the second season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead games has proven to be a so-so follow up to the first, but it does have its moments of greatness. With plenty of tension, drama and action, it appears that the company really did save the best parts for last here in the fifth episode of The Walking Dead Season Two: No Going Back.

Picking up immediately from the ending of the previous episode, the gang faces a rival group of people that puts them all to the test. Needless to say not everyone comes out of the battle alive, and those who are left get to face their greatest enemy, each other. As you help Clementine and her group make it through snowstorms and walking across ice to reach shelter for themselves and the new baby they’re raising, tempers flare and the dark parts that people were hiding finally come to the surface which threatens to tear apart the group forever.

While it’s still just as hit or miss as the previous entries in this season, episode five does seem to hold things together well for the most part. Once again bright characters make weird or just plain stupid decisions on things, and the fact that the choices you’ve made so far determine what happens at the end is also a welcome bonus. That last part alone is sure to make most go back and experience the multiple endings you can achieve on here, as you’ll always feel like “I should’ve did this or that, or taken his/her side” once you’ve reached the climatic fight near the end. Another cool part of this episode is the long awaited return of a fan favorite character that makes a nice cameo appearance, though not in the way most people would think.

Looking back at the series, I do like the way Clementine has matured into a strong young lady throughout these past five episodes. You really do see how far she’s come from being a scared girl to hanging in there and throwing out some attitude with the best of them. You’re faced with so many tough decisions and actions as you play, and each one Clem comes across just makes her that much stronger and tougher. From stitching up her own arm, to letting some of her group die so that others may live, she’s the kind of survivor that Lee from the first season had hoped she’d become and more.

It does have its share of ups and downs, and most will agree it’s a subpar follow up to the epic previous series, but I did enjoy season two and the finale in The Walking Dead Season Two: No Going Back. I guess we can’t be too hard on this season, as the bar and players’ expectations were set very high by the first season. But at the same time that’s not an excuse to make a so-so sequel series like this when we know Telltale could’ve easily done better. Still The Walking Dead season two is worth the time and funds to experience, and I look forward to seeing if a third season will come our way soon.

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