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The Guise
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The Guise

Fans of Metroid-like titles are sure to have a monster of a good time with this one.

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It seems like quite a few Metroid-like games have been released and became popular lately. From titles such as Bloodstained, to the more recent Carrion, there’s no end in sight for them, with the latest’s being The Guise. If you’re a fan of those titles and are looking for your next fix, you’ll want to don the monster mask and explore this quirky world.

The story follows a caretaker lady and the few foster children under her care at an orphanage, where one day the the kids sneak into a special room of the caretaker’s while she’s away. After seeing all sorts of magical and mystical objects, one of the kids named Ogden decides pick up and try on a magic mask he finds, only to be turned into a monster.

Now it’s up to you to help him change back to normal which means traversing through a dark and spooky world where you’ll have to gain new abilities that will help you unlock new areas and fight off dangerous foes.

You will need these abilities as I’ll admit this title can be pretty tough and unforgiving at times. Ones such as being able to fling acid at your enemies and more will soon become your best friends as you fight your way through. Sadly I often found myself trying to avoid combat whenever I could as the hit detection isn’t the best here, leading to some cheap deaths and frustrating moments as I progressed. Here’s hoping some future patches can fix this up.

The graphics are simple but look clean and crisp, giving off a sort of Tim Burton, macabre vibe. and the sad music that plays throughout is nicely done and fits perfectly. I also found myself enjoying the twisted dialogue that appears throughout the adventure that adds a dark feel to the mix, but there’s also some bright moments that come from Ogden and the caretaker that are sure to keep players invested in their quest.

The Guise is a monster of a good time for those who enjoy Metroid-like titles, despite having a few snags here and there. The art and animation are simple but well done as is the music, and the dialogue and characters are sure to keep you playing until the quest is done.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell