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Tetris Effect: Connected
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Tetris Effect: Connected

Brings the puzzle king to Xbox and PC with awesome multiplayer options for all to feel the effect together.

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It’s hard to believe it’s been a little over a year since Tetris Effect came to PlayStation 4 and took the world by storm to easily became one of the best and most addictive games out there since the original Tetris. Those who have been patiently waiting to check it out on Xbox and PC are rewarded with an even better version with Tetris Effect: Connected. The newly added multiplayer modes take an already beautiful and amazing game to whole new levels and invites everyone to connect for the ride.

Adding onto the base game (which you can read my review for) are all new multiplayer features fans have been longing for which this title delivers on and then some. You’ll get to enter an online hub where you can keep track of your rank and progress as you play with or against other players in ranked matches, friendly ones, and of course local matches with your couch buddies.

From here we enter into the fun stuff, starting with the titled “Connected” mode where you and two friends make a three-player team and have to work together to take on and beat AI-controlled boss characters. At first the three of you have your own separate play fields, but once you’ve done well enough, your fields combine into a giant one where you’ll take turns placing and deleting pieces to rack up high scores and seriously hurt the boss by clogging up their field with obstacles to delete. Of course this works both ways, so you and your friends will always have to be on your toes…err…fingers when playing.

I have to be honest and say this is quite possibly the greatest addition to Tetris ever, as it carries a sort of old-school fun of playing with family and friends to solve puzzles and the joy that comes when you all win together. Besides this new mode, there’s also a few others you can play such as the standard one-on-one mode, a score attack that’s basically the same thing but with winning through the best score, and lastly there’s an old-school score attack mode which removes all of the fancy stuff such as the hold queue, quick drops, and so on, and features just plain old Tetris to see who’s the best.

If you loved Tetris Effect and wanted more from it, Tetris Effect: Connected is the ultimate version for you. PlayStation owners will have to wait until next year for this edition, but chances are they also have a PC and/or Xbox to play this on and get connected to some amazing online fun everyone will love.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell