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Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition
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Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

The definitive edition of a definitive RPG.

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The era of HD rereleases continues unabated; I predict we’ll one day see a year where the only games that come out are remasters and re-releases of previously existing titles. You know what, though? I’m not sure that’d be such a bad thing. High-quality re-releases are solid experiences in their own right, as we see with Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition.

In a world where ancient technology known as Blastia powers daily life, slum-dweller Yuri Lowell’s life is turned upside down. The water-purifying Blastia that keeps the slum alive is stolen, leaving the area without a clean source of water. Yuri sets out to find and retrieve it, but gets tangled up into a globetrotting conspiracy as a result. He’ll meet and interact with tons of crazy characters and villains as he learns secrets about the world around him and the people who inhabit it. There’s something to be said in particular about how this game approaches heroics and villainy; if you’re a fan of how Batman addresses these issues, you might find yourself particularly enjoying Vesperia.

Vesperia is considered one of the high points of the Tales series for a reason: it really nails all the best parts of the franchise as a whole. The combat, a sort of self-contained action-RPG, is clean and crunchy (with multiplayer if you so choose), the plot is a combination of sci-fi, fantasy and moral ambiguity that’s bound to please the palate and it’s all wrapped up in a lovely anime art style. This take is based on the expanded edition of the game that was originally released for the PlayStation 3, so it’s got a couple of bonus characters that weren’t present as well as some extra content.

That anime art style mentioned above is really the most defining trait of Vesperia; this game helped define what modern Tales titles looked like for a reason, after all. Back in the day, the Xbox 360 version of Vesperia was absolutely jaw-dropping and that remains the case in the modern era. This sort of style is pretty much timeless, after all, and Vesperia looks even better on modern hardware. Play this one on PC for best results, naturally, and you can expect solid voice acting and music no matter which platform you choose. This Definitive Edition comes with the aforementioned new content and all the DLC you could ask for, so you shouldn’t feel too bad about double-dipping if need be.

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition is a legendary RPG for a reason, one that’s finally available on modern hardware so you don’t have to dig out the ol’ Xbox 360 to experience it. Yuri’s adventures are some of the best in the franchise, so this isn’t one to miss. Even players who have already gone through the original release are sure to love the new content and should consider this release just to take a look.

About the Author: Cory Galliher