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Superdimension Neptune Vs. SEGA Hard Girls
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Superdimension Neptune Vs. SEGA Hard Girls

Neptune and SEGA collide to enhance the PS Vita original with blast processing PC power.

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Here’s a look behind the scenes at Popzara: whenever any goofy anime nonsense comes in, that tends to go straight to me for review. I don’t think any of the other editors even look twice at it. If there’s big eyes, improbable outfits and a Japanese-sounding conceit? Well, it ends up in my inbox. Case in point: everything Idea Factory has ever made, and I keep eating it all like I’m at a buffet that never closes.

Here’s another one with Superdimension Neptune Vs. SEGA Hard Girls, a PC port of the PS Vita original. I’ll explain the “hard girls” thing in a bit, it’s not what you think…probably. I hope.

Try to stick with me for this one: you know all those other Neptunia games? Hyperdimension, Megadimension, Hyperdevotion and so on? Okay, so this is a game series about anthropomorphized game consoles and publishers fighting bad guys like the anthropomorphized concept of video game piracy, and those are all other continuities in the overall Nepiverse. This is another of those.

Now that we’ve got all of that down, Superdimension follows IF, the anthropomorphized representation of the game’s developer and publisher Idea Factory. She is, traditionally, the cool one, with her long sleeves and katar blades, and that remains the case here, where she’s a post-apocalyptic biker seeking the cause behind her world’s destruction. One day during her post-apocalyptic biking, IF some across a library containing all the world’s knowledge, as well as Segami, the personification of SEGA itself. IF and Segami team up to save history from being erased by meeting and engaging with both the Neptunia cast and the SEGA Hard Girls, who, as their goofy name might suggest, are representations of SEGA hardware. Also, Neptune, the traditional main character, gets turned into a talking motorcyle after the first hour or so. As you do.

IF is the cool, active character in the Nep cast, so she can do cool, active things, like hang from ropes, climb stuff, crawl under stuff and so on. In combat, she can take turns with the rest of her party and beat up enemies in a manner much like the other modern Neptunia games. Segami, meanwhile, can turn into other SEGA Hard Girls, adding their stats to her own and making her quite the powerhouse in combat. Battles are the same sort of experience you’re used to if you follow this series; as always, the best feature is the ability to skip pretty much any animation, allowing you to drastically speed up grinding if you end up needing to do so.

You might have played this one on Vita. If so, I’m very sorry, because the Steam version runs like Usain Bolt while the Vita version runs like Usain Bolt’s corpse. It was a great game and everything and I absolutely would (and did) recommend it back before this version was an option…but now it is, so I don’t, so play this one instead. As usual, Nep games port very nicely to PC. They look and sound great even on mid-range hardware and they play nice with your XInput controller, so you can sit back and soak in the ridiculous anime nonsense.

Superdimension Neptune Vs. SEGA Hard Girls is yet another Neptunia game, which means if you like Neptunia games, you’ll like this one! In fact, you’re in luck, because there will almost certainly be more Neptunia games and they will almost certainly come to PC. I like them all, they’re a good time and you tend to know what to expect. If you don’t like Neptunia games, meanwhile, you’re probably not going to like this one, just like you didn’t like all the other ones, because it’s not really that different – aside from the talking motorcycle and all the SEGA stuff. Yup.

About the Author: Cory Galliher