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Super Dungeon Bros
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Super Dungeon Bros

A few flaws get in the way of an otherwise fun couch co-op experience for everyone.

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Anyone has knows me or follows my reviews knows I’m a huge Diablo 3 fan. So when I saw React Games’ Super Dungeon Bros that looked like a cartoon-ish version of Diablo, I just had to give it a look. While the game is fairly solid and fun for the most part, there are a few things keeping it from being the rock epic it sets out to be.

Set in a place called Rökheim, this adventure follows for brothers named Axl, Lars, Freddie, and Ozzie (you can guess where those names came from if you’re into rock music) as they set out on an epic quest for fame and glory by traversing through numerous dungeons and kicking butt where they go. Thanks to having simple to learn but tough to master controls and skills, you’ll be able to help them do this as you come across epic loot and funds to make your chosen brother stronger and more powerful as you go.

There’s your basic light and heavy attacks, a dodge/roll, a jump button, and of course a special attack that will usually clear out a ton of baddies. The best thing about this game is the ability to play co-op both off and online up to four players which really makes the butt kicking more fun. You can also choose from melee weapons such as swords and axes, as well as ranged like magic staves and bows to suit your gameplay style. While the simplistic but cool looking graphics and intense rock music will also keep you playing, there are a few hiccups that get in the way.

First the combat feels a little stiff/off as you play, and can get a bit boring at times. This is especially the case when enemies tend to swarm you and plague you with cheap hits as you go through the levels. I also learned the hard way that you don’t regenerate your special attacks as you fight and instead have to purchase them with your funds. Regenerating your super/special meter is usually standard fare when playing most games, so to have to buy them from a vendor is kind of off-putting. Still, these issues might not be an issue for most that play, but I felt they had to be addressed.

Super Dungeon Bros is a pretty fun couch co-op title for the most part, but some combat and gameplay issues hit some sour notes in this otherwise rocking epic. Still, anyone who loves the Diablo series and having fun with their family and friends both on and offline will want to pick this game up and shred some enemies.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell