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Skylanders Trap Team Light and Dark Expansion (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U)
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Skylanders Trap Team Light and Dark Expansion (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U)

The figures look great, the levels are a good time; fans wanting to mix things up can’t go wrong with Trap Team’s first expansions.

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True Confession: I haven’t been playing Skylanders for too long. The cash factor was enough to turn me away for quite some time; the little buggers are expensive, as parents of Skylander-crazed kids certainly know at this point. When I came across a massive set of the little guys being sold for pennies on the dollar, though, my urge to play every game ever flared up and I went for it.

The latest rendition of the series, Trap Team, was my first step into this wide-world of plastic toys and digital gaming. It’s a solid action-adventure romp that reminds me of the destructive joy of the Ratchet and Clank series. Good stuff. If you want the latest and greatest Skylanders, though, you’re going to need to check out the new¬†Skylanders Trap Team Light and Dark Expansions for Trap Team. Retailing at around $30 each, they’re a little more pricey, but if you, your significant other (or maybe just your rugrat) is into the series they’re a decent value for the asking price. Each introduces a new element to the series – we’ve got the Midnight Museum pack, focusing on the Dark element, and the Skyscraper Spire pack which is all about Light.

So here’s what you’re getting for your money: each pack comes with a Trap Master Skylander of the respective element, first off. Dark features Knight Mare, a centaur with a big freakin’ sword that can charge around and make shadow clones. Meanwhile, Light’s poster boy is Knight Light, a scimitar-wielding angel that focuses on leaving status-boosting light fields all over the place. As Trap Masters, they’re both solid characters that are great at smacking baddies around, and you’ll find that the game has plenty of Light and Dark gates around to open using them.

You also get a trap of your respective element. Trap Team has three bosses each for the Light and Dark element which you were unable to capture until now. The new stages introduced with the expansion packs each contain a new trappable boss as well. Dark brings us cat burglar Nightshade while Light features the shapeshifting Luminous. They’re both great choices for any situation, assuming you don’t just fill your traps with one of the base game’s villains.

Finally, you’ve got your new areas. Dark comes with the Midnight Museum, a stealth and puzzle-themed level where you’re tasked with stopping Nightshade from stealing the Dark Eye artifact. Light features the Sunscraper Spire, where you’ll need to battle Cyclopes in order to unseal and defeat Luminous. Interestingly, each stage has a gate for the opposing element, so if you get both packs you’ll have a use for one character in the other’s expansion and vice versa. It’s cute.

The figures are solidly put together and detailed; like pretty much everything Skylanders-related, they look great. The levels are a good time, though they run a little short at about an hour each. All in all, if you’re into Trap Team and want to mix things up a bit you can’t really go wrong with the Skylanders Trap Team Light and Dark Expansions. The issue is going to be finding them; they’re pretty hot items at the moment, so you might need to search a bit. Good luck with that!

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