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Seven Knights -Time Wanderer-
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Seven Knights -Time Wanderer-

A repetitive and boring turn-based RPG that doesn’t quite make the leap from mobile to console.

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It’s not unusual for popular mobile games to make the jump to consoles. When you’re riding the high of your app having tens of millions of downloads, it seems like the next logical step. Some games have made this transition pretty well, such as Granblue Fantasy: Versus, by increasing the density of their stories and improving upon battle mechanics.

Sometimes, however, the game doesn’t change much at all, and you’re left with a mobile game that plays like a shallow freemium app, despite being twenty dollars and on a console. And that’s where Seven Knights -Time Wanderer- unfortunately sits.

Seven Knights: Time Wanderer – a spin-off of the Seven Knights mobile game – follows heroine Vanessa, the eighth member of the knights. After interacting with a relic in her home as a child, she is transported to a strange place where she is now an adult. With the help of a magical hourglass named Sandy, Vanessa navigates through space and time collecting Time Crystals as she tries to find her way back home and save the friends she has met along the way.

The game consists mostly of turn-based combat. There are fifteen playable characters, and you arrange them in teams of five. It’s important to craft your teams around elemental and defense advantages, because attacks can be annoyingly ineffective at times. This is partially due to each character really only having one attack ability that has to cooldown between uses. Once you get to a level where cooldowns are shorter, you can basically just blast your way through with your major attack and maybe a defense booster. It makes the combat predictable and boring, and I often found myself wishing I could just fast-forward through fights.

Not that there’s anything to fast forward to. The plot is weak and none of the characters are particularly likable or memorable. You travel along a set path, walking from dot to dot with a few cutscenes along the way, so there’s no real exploring to be done. It’s monotonous. Walk, fight, watch a cutscene, repeat. Over and over. It’s incredibly uninteresting.

The game does have one thing going for it, and that’s the voice-acting. It’s well done and I enjoyed listening to the actors do their thing. However, nothing else in the game measures up. The graphics are nice during cutscenes, but other times they’re grainy and done in an unpleasant 3D style. The dialogue is bland. The combat isn’t very engaging. It’s mediocre in almost every way.

Seven Knights -Time Wanderer- doesn’t even make an attempt to be a passable console game. It lacks the expansions and depth that made similar games so successful and instead plays just like its counterpart on the app stores of the world. With a weak plot, little to no game play outside of fighting, and poor combat, it simply isn’t worth playing – even if you’re a fan of the franchise. My recommendation? Don’t let this one wander off with your time and money; just download the mobile game.

About the Author: Sebastian Stoddard