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Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1
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Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1

The latest Sakura visual novel is exactly what you think it is, with plenty of choices and plenty to gawk at.

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Okay, let’s make this quick: I’m actually a time traveler from far in the future. In my time, we’ve stopped using fossil fuels. Not because they’re bad for the environment or anything, but because a crazed scientist converted them all into a giant oily abomination. These days we power all our machinery with fanservice-laden visual novels. Don’t ask how. The point is that I’m now an authority on the subject, so today we’re going to talk about Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1.

Sakura Fantasy is the latest in the beloved (?) Sakura series of visual novels. We’ve seen Sakura Spirit and Sakura Angels, and Fantasy continues the tradition of, uh, female empowerment and the push for equality. Sure. This time we follow Raelin, a knight-in-ttraining who’s basically got the sightjacking power from the Siren games. This means she can see through the eyes of others, used largely in this game for…female empowerment and the push for equality. Certainly not wild trysts.

There’s a fair amount of adventure as well, since the story is ostensibly about knights, not wild trysts. The latter just seems to come up a lot in a completely incidental fashion. The characters are interesting enough for what the game is, but you probably shouldn’t get too attached just yet. And, surprise, surprise, it turns out that Sakura Fantasy is the beginning of an episodic series and clocks in at about an hour long. Since the game ends on a cliffhanger, you’re going to have to get used to waiting. At least there’s plenty to gawk at.

If you’re after this sort of game, it’s a decent bite sized chunk, but $10 might be a bit much to ask. On the other hand, this isn’t a kinetic novel – there are plenty of choices to make, so you do feel like you’ve got a hand in how the story works out. Fans of previous Sakura games shouldn’t have any issue with Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1, since it’s more of what they’ve come to know and love, and in some cases ogle. Newcomers to the series, on the other hand, might be better served with one of the earlier VNs, though.

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