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Sakura Angels (Steam)
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Sakura Angels (Steam)

If you love visual novels, anime, ridiculous fanservice or any combination of the above, you can’t really go wrong here.

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Oh my god, it’s another one of these. Here we go. Sakura Angels is gaming’s Schindler’s List, definitive proof that ‘games are truly art’ contrary to what Roger Ebert, your mom and that bully from high school said. It’s a game everyone should play, a tour de force of electronic entertainment. It’s…okay, I can’t keep this up, Sakura Angels is a fanservice visual novel, one crafted by Winged Cloud, who make similarly styled fanservice visual novels. Their last release before this one was Sakura Spirit, another in a planned trilogy of Sakura games that don’t seem to have any relation to each other.

I am doomed to play every fanservice game that is ever released and then write about the experience. My shame is unending. Sakura Angels may be one of the most fanservice-tastic games available on Steam, so I knew it would come up eventually and now here it is. It’s fairly well-written, the art is nice for what it is and it didn’t put me to sleep. It is, in other words, exactly what you know you’re going to be paying for, so why are you even reading this, oh god.

Humor me and let’s talk about the plot: Sakura Angels stars Kenta, a loser of a guy who has issues with nightmares and headaches. One day a monster tries to murder him. Thankfully, some anime ladies are there to rescue him; Hikari and Sayaka are their names, and they’re his guardian angels, there to keep him safe from similar monstrous problems…and perhaps more.

They’ll do all this in about three hours – pretty short, even by VN standards, but it’s pretty cheap so it’s hard to complain. There’s the usual branching decision paths as well, but they’re all straightforward and don’t really lengthen the game much. There aren’t any mind-blowing tricks or anything; it’s your standard Japanese-style visual novel.

The art…uh, it’s exactly what you already know it is. It’s pretty raunchy, even by risqué VN standards, and it’s all over the damn place. If that’s what you’re after then you are going to be incredibly pleased, because that’s what Sakura Angels has got. So much of it. So, so much of it. I need a shower.

Everything else is pretty standard for this sort of visual novel. There’s no voice acting, which is a little disappointing considering how short the experience is. It is, however, will only set you back a measly ten bucks, so if you like VNs, ridiculous fanservice or any combination of the above, you can’t really go wrong with Sakura Angels. You just might feel a little dirty after ‘playing’ through…

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