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A sometimes fun but mostly troublesome puzzler that few will enjoy.

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I have to admit – and this is full disclosure – I am not a fan of puzzle games. It makes me flashback to those pesky Rorschach tests I took as a kid. Regardless, RYB (Red-Yellow-Blue) is a very compact puzzler available on Android and iOS devices for a nominal fee. This offering by FLEB is what some might call “minimalist” or “colorful”. Some have even waxed poetically about its supposed “ease” of play. It’s the Schrodinger’s cat of puzzle games because it’s all of those thing and none of them at the same time. I know – confusing.

First of all, there is no story – it’s a puzzle. You are provided multiple stages of play and each stage has a series of separate games. You know you’ve won when you’ve colored in the entire puzzle. Continue playing until all of the stages are completed. To make it interesting, every puzzle is slightly different to play thanks to the size, shape, and colors available to use in the puzzle. At least they tell you how many colors are in the puzzle so you can sort of keep track. The shapes are interesting and the colors are nice I guess. If you’re color blind though, your experience with this will be fairly unpleasant.

Speaking of unpleasantness, there are NO instructions at all. You pay money, download the app, and then open it up to discover a screen of shapes. Zero idea on what to do next (because there are no instructions) so you just start fumbling around on your device’s screen until you make your way through it. Or, what I like to call: “the prom night method”. Once you THINK you have RYB figured out, you end doing something that doesn’t work. Then it’s back to figuring out what the hell you’re doing. Each stage or level appears to have a slightly different mode of play that you need to figure out. Once you finally get it, you either just beat the whole level or you’ve learned enough to play that stage more effectively.

I played and played and played…and played some more. Every time I thought I had it figured out I’d fail. Eventually I fumbled my way through all of the levels to beat the entire game and then… nothing. It just stops. They don’t even give you an indication that you even won. I still have no clue how I defeated any of the puzzles because it just sort of happened.

To be honest, RYB was an OK puzzle. Personally, it’s not really my cup of tea. Not because it’s a puzzle game but because I have no idea how I even won! That’s kind of annoying and very frustrating. You also expect a puzzle game to take time to play with a ton of puzzles TO play. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case here. It’s really quick to play, despite having to fumble through it, which makes it pointless as a sustained activity. If you want to spend a few dollars for about 20 minutes of playtime then, well, that’s one less latte for you; I choose the caffeine.

About the Author: Michael Robert Klass