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Root Double -Before Crime After Days- Xtend Edition
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Root Double -Before Crime After Days- Xtend Edition

Sekai Project doubles down on another visual novel mystery that fans will love.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve last touched or played a good visual novel, so it’s good to know that Sekai Project is still one of the best companies out there pumping them out with their latest being Root Double -Before Crime After Days- Xtend Edition (try saying that three times fast). Fans of visual novels will want to double down on this title and get to the root of its intriguing mystery.

Taking place in 2030 at an isolated research city called Rokumei, some random explosions begin to go off inside the nuclear research section, and it falls on Sirius, an elite rescue squad, to find out what happened. Things go from bad to worse when one of the reactors begins to melts down, which causes a lockdown leaving the squad and any survivors trapped.

With radiation leaking everywhere and time running out for everyone as there’s not enough anti-radiation medicine for everyone to last until the lockdown is over, fear and doubt slowly but surely creep in and makes everyone a suspicious of one another. Heading this mystery are two protagonists, Watase Kasasagi, the captain of the rescue squad who lost his memories after the incident, and Natsuhiko Tenkawa, a student who is looking into some shady things happening at the facility a few days before the explosions happen.

You’ll have to piece together their two stories for everything to make sense and get to the bottom of this mystery. What separates this title from typical pick and choose decisions in visual novels is the Senses Sympathy System (or SSS) that allows you to change the story based on the emotions you choose. So if you start trusting or comforting one person over another, the progression of the story and other factors will change as you go.

I had a pretty good time making my way through the story as it kicks off at a fast pace, though sadly there are some parts where things slow down, and at times become even slower thanks to being bogged down by tons of exposition and made up technical, scientific jargon that’ll leave you ready for a nap. Despite these moments, I always wanted to press on and see what was going to happen next as I’m a sucker for mysteries, especially ones you get to participate in.

Root Double -Before Crime After Days- Xtend Edition is another fine visual novel from Sekai Project that has some slow, bogged down moments, but will keep mystery lovers entertained as you get closer and closer to piecing the story together and finding out what happened. If this sounds like a good time to you, then you’ll want to double time it and pick this one up.

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