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Rocket League
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Rocket League

A multiplayer vehicular combat experience that simply can’t be overstated; one of the best purchases you can make.

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The reason I keep playing video games even today, as the industry and fanbase tear themselves to ribbons through questionable business practices and ideological bickering, is because they still somehow manage to be fun. It’s crazy, right? As bad as things have gotten in the past few years, every so often a developer manages to sneakily release a game that’s just pure, solid fun. Rocket League is one of those games, and Psyonix is one of those developers. You should probably stop reading and just go buy it now.

The concept here, as I mentioned in my beta preview a little while back, is fairly simple: there’s a ball, two goals and a varying number of supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle-cars. You’re at the wheel of one of those cars and your job is to get the ball into the goal through any means necessary. Your car is speedy and nimble, able to drive on the ground, walls and ceiling alike, and you can collect boost powerups for a much-needed burst of speed.

Unlike similar titles, there aren’t any weapons or such available, so it’s all about car soccer in its purest and simplest form. Your Battle-Car is customizable using parts you’ll earn through playing games, and there’s also a standard XP system since this is 2015 and every game has to have an XP system.

Rocket League has single-player options available. I’m sure they’re great! I’m also sure they’re not why you’ll want to buy this game at all. The AI could be capable of brewing you up a delicious cup of tea that would magically pop out of the disc drive, but you’d still prefer multiplayer. That’s because Rocket League’s multiplayer mode is one of the best times you’ll have with electronic entertainment. Having two, four, six or even eight Battle-Cars tearing across the pitch after a ball is a recipe for fun. Get some friends on voice chat and it’s even better.

Rocket League’s simple concept allows for some highly refined graphics. In particular, the Steam version of the game looks fantastic, both as screenshots and in action. The sound, meanwhile, is just present enough to suit the game without being distracting. You’ll want to stay focused on the ball and the other competitors rather than some sick beats, after all!

The quality of Rocket League’s multiplayer experience simply can’t be overstated. Sure, you could easily dive into the single-player mode and have yourself a wild time, too, but that’s not the point here; the game’s rampant popularity should speak to this fact. If you’ve got some open-minded friends who aren’t aghast at the idea of playing a “sports” game and love fun, then Rocket League is one of the best gaming purchases you can make.

About the Author: Cory Galliher