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Revenant Saga
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Revenant Saga

Old school RPG fans will get their fix and then some in this retro adventure.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve played an old-school RPG title, you know the kind with no voice acting, loads of text and random encounters, and such. So thanks to KEMCO and EXE Create Inc, I was able to relive those days with their release of Revenant Saga on the Nintendo Switch, though it’s been released on everything from smartphones to Steam. If you miss the early days of RPG’s before they got really fancy and technical, you’ll want to take a dive into this saga

The story starts off with our hero named Albert who sadly lost his parents to a deadly plague going around the village. It isn’t long before his friend Anna comes along to cheer him up, only to find out her parents now have the illness as well. A kind old man named Dr. Moreau visits town and says he knows a way to cure it, but it’s dangerous. Albert volunteers for this quest which turns out to be a trap to experiment on him and turn him into a Revenant, a demon with power unimaginable. Without giving away too much, something goes wrong and you wake up with a demon inside you that grants you power in exchange for absorbing Revenant souls to fuel them. It falls on you to guide Albert to find a cure for the plague and get revenge on the mad doctor, all while making a few friends along the way of course.

Some may find the old school throwback of this game to be lacking, but I actually enjoyed the look and feel of it. The main thing you’ll find yourself coming back to is the story and the characters, as they’re all hiding a dark part of their past from each other that you know it going to make waves when it finally comes to light. Then there’s the fun quest for revenge and saving the world that’s always a great motivator to keep playing. I liked how there’s a difficulty selection before you play, and how the game switches between a retro sprite mode while traveling, and a 3D mode with cleaned up, original PlayStation-like graphics when you enter combat. Speaking of which, the battle system is great for both newcomers and vets of RPGs, as you can use auto battle and tactics to have your characters decide on how to fight, or take control of them directly. You can also transform your group into more powerful versions of themselves when needed to overcome tougher obstacles you come across.

The overall look and feel of Revenant Saga may turn some away, but those who take on this quest will find plenty of things to enjoy and keep coming back to, namely the fun characters and their secrets that you can’t wait to finally come to light. If you’re looking for a light, retro RPG you’re bound to have a good time with, you’ll want to pick this one up at your local item shop.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell