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A unique mix of a creation game and puzzler shape up into a fun world you’ll want to play in.

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Anyone who has played titles such as Age of Empires and Civilization already has a good idea on how these creation or god games work where you have to build and micro manage things from scratch. While I don’t have much experience with those games, I always had a blast when playing them, just like I did with one of the new entries in that called Reus. Throwing in some puzzle-like elements into the mix, this is one unique title you’ll want to bend and shape into your perfect world.

In this game, you control giants who also control various elements such as water, earth, plant life, and such. You’ll have to move them and the planet around to create areas that will sustain the lives of animals and people that will inhabit the world you make. So for example the water giant can make bodies of water while you get the earth one to make mountains to shield a flat piece of land from another piece of land as you make the life giant create trees and plants. Now you see how the puzzle-like element comes into play as you have to figure out what is the best way to setup your world. Once you’re done with that, people and animals will begin to show up and fill up the world you’ve created.

Make a nicely balanced world that provides enough food, water and resources for your people, and they’ll reward you with ambassadors that in turn give you new abilities you use in your creation process. Eventually your people will fight other people on your world and it’s up to you to watch it play out or just wipe the world clean and start over. There’s also different time limits you can set for yourself and see how much you can create and do in thirty and sixty minutes, or even two hours. If you really want to go all out, there’s even a unlimited time mode that gives you limited access to some skills and abilities, but you get to see how everything plays out as long as you wish.

While simplistic, the graphics and audio are a nice fit for this title. Everything looks and sounds good as you play, though I wished the giants moved a tad faster while you’re working on things. Still, with them being giants and all, it’s only fitting they move a bit sluggish. Things do tend to get a bit boring and repetitive after playing it for awhile, but that can be said for most things out there and just means you’ll want to play this one in spurts when you can.

Reus is a title that comes recommended for those who enjoy creation and puzzle games, but without too much complexity that would normally keep most away from those type of titles. It’s an easy to learn but hard to master experience that anyone can jump into and have fun with given they have the time to sink into it. Those who do just might find themselves getting lost in their own giant world and cleaning the slate to start the fun over again and again.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell