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Pro Pinball (iOS)
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Pro Pinball (iOS)

A pinball classic is given new life and is sure to please fans and newcomers alike.

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I remember seeing Pro Pinball being released on the PC, Mac, PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast back in the day, but I never had the chance to check it out like I wanted. After a lot of Kickstarting and hard work, a game company called Barnstorm Games has given new life to this classic that’s making its way to iOS devices in Pro Pinball. While there’s only one table available at the moment, it features plenty of challenges and options that is sure to keep both fans and newcomers busy.

Originally released in 1997, Pro Pinball was one of the best games of its time. Barnstorm made sure that if they could only release one table from it, that it would also be the best. This leads us to the one called Timeshock, which takes players on a bumper and ramp filled adventure through time ranging from the prehistoric to the future. The touchscreen controls make things easy to jump into, as you touch either side of the screen to control the flippers. The main area on the table has enough space to play around in, but things start to get a little tricky toward the sides, as there’s plenty of ramps, bumpers and other obstacles in the way. But a third flipper helps to keep things under control and rack up points as you make your way through the different time ages.

As with most pinball games, the sounds and sights definitely help to pull you in, and Barnstorm did an excellent job enhancing them here. The table comes in nice and clear, and the crisp dot-matrix display has plenty of fun animations as you play and will display mini-games and mission objectives as well. A neat feature that they’ve included is the ability to change the ambient light level, which makes the game looks absolutely beautiful when played in the dark. The sounds are just as fun, as there’s plenty of them to keep you excited as you play. The app is free, but if you pay to have the deluxe version, it opens up some pretty nifty features. One is an operator’s menu that lets you customize the table to your liking, and the other is a cool “Glass-Off” mode that lets you remove the glass from the table and move the pinballs around with your finger. For those who like to score big, there’s worldwide high score leaderboards to see how you stack up against others who play.

Pro Pinball is a pretty nice entry in the genre that’s sure to entertain fans and those who just want something fun to play. Featuring a challenging table and some pretty nifty extras for those who go all in for the deluxe version, those who give it chance will love it and will eagerly await the next table Barnstorm releases.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell