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Pinball FX3: Universal Classics Pinball
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Pinball FX3: Universal Classics Pinball

Zen’s latest pinball game and tables take fun to new levels for everyone.

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After reviewing a few of Zen Studio’s tables for their Zen Pinball 2 game, I was wondering why things got a little quiet on their end. Turns out it was the quiet before the storm as not only do they have a new set of tables, but a new game to play them on that you can port over most of the older tables for titled Pinball FX3. So I’m here to talk a little about that and the table set which was released with it titled Pinball FX3: Universal Classics Pinball. If you loved Pinball FX/Zen Pinball, get ready to flip your flippers with all new modes and challenges for both old and new tables that anyone and everyone will go tilt for.

Pinball FX3 takes things up a notch by adding in progression to allow players to earn experience points or XP as you play tables. When you level up, you can unlock upgrades, items, and more just by playing, racking up achievements, playing in multiplayer matches, and so on. There’s also online leaderboards and matches where PlayStation 4 players can also compete against those on Steam, and Xbox One players can compete against both Windows 10 and Steam users. The biggest feature this game has to offer is the ability to port over most of your tables from Pinball FX2 / Zen Pinball 2 without paying for them all over again, including some that were released over six years ago. Another cool thing is that these older tables will also have the new benefits that Pinball FX3 has, from the online multiplayer to unlocking new ways to play, etc.

To keep the pinball fun rolling, Zen has also released a new set of tables called Universal Classics Pinball that features film classics E.T., Back to the Future, and Jaws. It goes without saying that these new additions feature the same high level of quality that game players have come to love and expect from Zen Studios. Everything from the fun LED and character animations on the play area (they even managed to place the famous E.T. flying bicycle moment in here), the awesome sound effects, voice clips and music, and of course sweet table designs that put your pinball skills to the test are present here and will keep you playing into the wee hours of the night (and possibly morning). I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed seeing the DeLorean fly around on the Back to the Future table with Marty yelling “What the hell is a jigowatt?”, or E.T. spouting a phase here and there on his table, or the infamous shark swimming around on the Jaws table along with the captain trying to hunt it down. The older tables I played seemed to look and play better on this new game as well, and the added bonus features were a welcomed plus.

If you love pinball games or just fun ones in general, you’ll want to check out Pinball FX3: Universal Classics Pinball, as there’s enough challenges for anyone willing to take a shot at it. The ability to play against others online, unlock new features and modes as you play, and especially being able to port most of your old tables over and have the same new features added make this a true value for the money and for fun. Did I also mention the base game is free to download? That’s right! If you download this for free, and port over your old tables for free, you get a sweet upgrade for no cost. Just one of the many reasons why Zen Studios is the best, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell