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Oneechanbara Z2: Chaos
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Oneechanbara Z2: Chaos

A silly game about bikini zombie slayers, competently made, that should satisfy the intended audience.

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Oneechanbara Z2: Chaos is a game about scantily clad vampire zombie slayers. Er, they’re vampires who slay zombies, not slayers of zombified vampires. You know what I mean. It’s got the grindhouse aesthetic down. If you think any of this might possibly offend your delicate constitution, and chances are it will at some point, you’re better off skipping it. Might I suggest, for those seeking lighter fare like Transistor instead?

Still here? Okay then! So Oneechanbara Z2: Chaos is, as mentioned above, an action game about women in impractical outfits doing unmentionable things with cutlery to the undead. Credit can be given for the laser focus on this concept; there’s no kart racing, space-simming or spreadsheet management here, no sir. It’s all about hot women in skimpy bikinis chopping up zombies.

There’s a plot, but it’s largely incomprehensible to those who aren’t long-time fans of the series. Essentially, a pair of monster-hunting sisters from the Baneful Blood clan inadvertently team up with a pair of vampire sisters to battle evil. Evil, then, is rendered into tiny, quivering bits. Blood goes everywhere. Nobody is dressed. You aren’t playing this for the story.

The overall gameplay is reminiscent of the Warriors games, allowing you to mash various buttons to produce a variety of zombie-dissecting combo attacks. You’ve got your charge-up attacks, your subweapons and your super modes as well, naturally. There’s a selection of playable characters with varying styles and weapons, and you’ll typically play with two characters at once, allowing you to switch at your leisure or perform tag attacks. Vampire characters can regenerate health on command, while Banefuls have more advanced attack options. My favorite feature: every so often you’ll have to tap a button to clean all the gross zombie blood off your sword. That’s the kind of game this is, and it’s actually a pretty good time if you’re feeling some hack-and-slash. You can also dress up your heroines in the usual ridiculous outfits, so that’s certainly an option.

Graphics and sound are par for the course. Slicing up zombies sounds just like it does in real life, for instance, and it looks about the game too; there’s a cute freeze-frame effect on killing blows that I liked, though I could see some being irritated by it before too long. Meanwhile, the voice acting is incredibly cheesy. Given the 1970s B-movie style we’re shooting for here, I guess that’s par for the course too. Cinematics abound, and one irritation I noticed is that it doesn’t seem possible to speed up the game’s dialogue without skipping it entirely. The voice actresses, highly skilled though they might be, are so invested in their craft that they tend to get through scenes pretty slowly. If you’re just out for carnage, you’ll probably be skipping these before long.

So that’s pretty much that. What we’ve got here is a silly game about bikini zombie slayers. It’s competently done and plays well enough. What’s more, it doesn’t forcibly purchase and install itself without your permission, so anyone who’s not into the content can continue playing and enjoying Transistor. Oneechanbara Z2: Chaos is a decently made game that should satisfy the intended audience.

About the Author: Cory Galliher