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One Piece: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition
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One Piece: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition

Those who enjoy the series and previous games will want to set sail with this one.

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While I haven’t watched any of the later One Piece fare outside the recent Gold movie, I am a big fan of the characters. So naturally I had to check out the latest game based off the anime series titled One Piece: Unlimited World Red – Deluxe Edition, a re-release of the 2013 title with all the DLC bonuses, higher frame rate and 1080p resolution that fans and those that love action/adventure games will want to set sail with.

The plot follows Luffy and his friends known as the Straw Hat Crew, with you coming in to help them out as something happens to their ship and separates them on a nearby island. It’s up to the player to guide Luffy and kick butt to get his crew back while also tackling other various quests and objectives along the way. The controls and combat is pretty simple as you use basic attacks, a special attack, a group special attack to really stick it to your enemies, as well as dodge/counter moves at your disposal. Most battles take place in a confined space that’s sealed off until you defeat all of the enemies within, and you can switch between your teammates to try out different fighting styles while the computer controls the rest of your group (and actually does a good job doing so, something super rare in games nowadays). You’ll also come across quests and other things to do as you speak with and help out local villagers and level up to tackle more powerful foes.

Besides the main story mode, there’s Battle Coliseum where it ditches all of the RPG elements of story mode and focuses strictly on the combat aspect of the game. There’s a few tiers to battle your way through as you fight various enemies in groups, 2 on 2 matches, and more as each battle increases your rank until you’re ranked enough to make it to the next tier. This will most likely be the “go-to” mode for those who just want to jump right into the action without any cumbersome issues to worry about. Those who have played the 2013 version will notice right off the bat the increased frame rate and cleaner looking graphics thanks to the 1080p upgrade, but they still look a little dated which comes as no surprise given the game was on the 3DS and Vita platforms. There’s also a ton of DLC that’s included, but most of it is mainly cosmetic items for your characters to wear and look stylish or just plain wacky as they battle.

One Piece: Unlimited World Red – Deluxe Edition is a fun time for fans of the show while still being accessible to newcomers and those who enjoy action/adventure games. It might not be the best looking or most exciting entry of the game series, but there’s more than enough quests, side missions, and combat to keep any that play satisfied and sailing with Luffy and his crew.

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