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Odd Bot Out (iOS, Android)
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Odd Bot Out (iOS, Android)

Proves that even in today’s world, more can always be done with less, with single focused design making it easy to jump right in – and out.

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I’ve often truth in the phrase “less is more” in more ways than one. Whether it is a canvas, a living room, and especially in modern video games, a lot can be done with relatively little to begin with. Odd Bot Out shines in this regard by utilizing minimalist direction to turn a simple physics puzzler into a clean, charming game reminiscent of Cut the Rope.

There’s plenty of content here with 100 levels, each of which is solved once you reach the exit. The beauty of this minimalist physics puzzler, though, is that each of those subjective readings is just as easy to find within its stark white walls. Levels contain no dialogue or multi-arc story, yet speak volumes through the movements of its characters and the playful hurdles you help them overcome.

The primary challenge facing our hero is his short stature: he can only step up a single block at a time, meaning most walls and pits will be too tall for him. Sometimes a room may pose no threat other than a tall wall just before the exit. The challenge is to not only scale that wall, but to transport any items needed to do so from one end of the room to the other. These items come in all shapes and varieties, from movable blocks you can stack to form stairs to mechanical snakes you’ll have to simultaneously control and ride across the room.

Playing around with the available toys is a blast: everything is hands-on and immediately responsive to your touch. Tapping the front wheel button of a car will cause it to surge forward; connecting a rocket to a generator will create a fume of smoke as it shoots upward.

The short, singularly-focused design of most rooms makes it easy to jump in and out of a session: the majority of levels will take less than a minute to complete and if you have to restart, you’ll rarely lose much work. However, this also means the game’s difficulty skews toward the easier end of the spectrum. But with a paltry $2 price tag, Odd Bot Out easily provides much more time and enjoyment than other games priced higher, and proves that even in today’s world, more can always be done with less.

About the Author: Grayson Hamilton