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Nom Nom Galaxy
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Nom Nom Galaxy

A delightful mash-up of genres with a tasty twist.

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Howdy! Welcome to SoupZara. As you can see, my robot minions are busy toiling away creating new soups for the hungry masses. It’s only a matter of time before we’re the number one liquid-based food makers in the galaxy, but I bet you’d like to know our secret. Of course I’ll tell you! It’s Nom Nom Galaxy, the latest PixelJunk game from Q-Games, and your guide to starting your own intergalactic soup company.

Ever since the ancients invented soup and soup-holding technology the people have craved more interesting and varied dishes. The first and currently most popular company to step up to the challenge was MegaSoup Inc, lead by the cruel Mr. Chopsticks. Fortunately, now there is a new company on the rise, SoupCo, and its CEO Robo-Shacho, wants you to create a subsidiary to help him out. You’ll travel to distant planets in search of rare and exotic ingredients, from the savory Tamato people, to the its-all-in-the-name Oxygen Flower, you’ll be able to create up to 112 different combinations of soups with more coming in future updates.

For those who have played Terraria, you’ll be familiar with the 2D, sidescrolling, base building action in Nom Nom Galaxy. After collecting enough resources players can build Zero-G corridors, hallways that allow you to travel in any direction. This makes traversing planets much easier as well as protecting you from hostile enemies. You can’t just make soup without the right tools, though, and that’s where your factory comes in. Ingredients are combined in great big Soup Machines before being blasted off to customers inside specially designed Soup Rockets. Tired of doing it yourself? Build robots to do it!. Planets are conquered by flooding the market with your products and edging out the competitor. Be careful though, as those rival soup companies have some nasty things they can throw your way.

There’s quite a lot of variety in this game, and that’s because it’s not all about soup. Different technologies can be researched by dominating the market of each planet. Put up weapon emplacements in order to hold back rival companies. There are also unlockable Gums, which when eaten grant you temporary powers such as extra oxygen, invincibility, faster runner speed, etc. Every planet is different as well. Some may have extra tough creatures, hidden treasures, towering trees, or consist of floating islands. Just be careful when you’re digging around out there, any unsupported buildings or terrain is liable to collapse, with you inside.

Have you mastered the art of soup making and need a further challenge? Check out the galactic leaderboards or perhaps try your hand at the challenge and conquest stages. There’s also plenty of unlockable achievements for the completionists out there. Feeling lonely? You can play with up to four players in either split-screen or online mode.

While soup making is a blast, there’s a few problems with the way Nom Nom Galaxy goes about it. Jumping can be a chore, especially in crowded tunnels, but Q-Games did ease the issue by adding ledge grabbing and an unlockable double-jump. Ingredients can be planted in order to grow more resources but the amount of time it takes for them to mature almost makes it easier to just explore and find more on your own. However, other than a couple of minor complaints, Nom Nom Galaxy is pretty well polished.

Sandbox games have made a huge impact on the market these past few years and Nom Nom Galaxy is one of the best. Its simple concept, wide variety of collectables, polished gameplay, and cutesy graphics makes it a must-play for lovers of the genre. It’s available currently on Steam for Windows as well as the PlayStation store.

About the Author: Scott Wilson