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No70: Eye of Basir
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No70: Eye of Basir

Despite some issues, it’s a decent, first-person puzzler with enough thrills to keep you playing.

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It’s been awhile since I played a decent, first-person puzzle title, so I figured I’d give No70: Eye of Basir a try from developer Oldmoustache Gameworks. While it isn’t the best one out there for fans of the genre, it has enough thrills and puzzles to keep you busy for a few hours at least.

Players take the role of Aras, who is looking for his brother in a old house called Number 70 that the two grew up in with their Grandmother years ago. As soon as Aras arrives at the spooky looking home, he already can tell something feels otherworldly about the place. Once you’ve made your way in a bit, you’ll come across a magical artifact called the Eye of Basir that allows you to see the world through a creepy filter which shows up clues such as footprints, freaky details in pictures, and more. It falls to you to use this mysterious object to solve puzzles and trigger events that will hopefully lead you to your brother, as well as other supernatural weirdness throughout the house.

I had a good time making my way through this game, despite some of the setbacks it has. A perfect example is how it wants you to play exactly how it wants you to, as I came across a keypad to enter a code that I already knew, but I still had to trigger other events prior to it in order to enter the code. It’s things such as this along with invisible walls, short playtime (can be beat in two hours or so), and some wonky graphics/optimization issues (though some have been patched thankfully, including controller problems) that keep it from being a really great experience. Still, the visuals and sounds give off a nice, scary atmosphere that will keep you looking over your shoulder as you press on for clues.

No70: Eye of Basir may not be the best first-person puzzler out there, but it does a decent job keeping those who venture into its creepy walls entertained with thrills and puzzles, despite a lot of them involving backtracking and having to do them in a specific order. It will be interesting to see what Oldmoustache Gameworks can come up with next for this title, as they state DLC is coming for it soon. In the end, if you can overcome its issues, this game just might have your number for a spooky good time.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell