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Naught Reawakening (iOS)
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Naught Reawakening (iOS)

Impressive visuals and gravity-defying gameplay make this a delightful escape to your everyday phone routine.

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Written by Molly Wedgwood

Here’s the deal, I generally use my phone as *surprise* a phone. I like to keep a simple screen and hate when there is too much app clutter. In fact, the only apps I like to use are utility apps that help my life function easier, very rarely to I indulge in a game on my phone. Naught Reawakening is an exception.

First of all, I think it should be noted that it’s incredibly beautiful in a dark, whimsical way. In fact, there were several people who tried to engage me in conversation while I was playing and were sucked in by the stunning graphics. And as I ignored one of my friends, she remarked “You should tell them, it’s fun to watch even when you aren’t playing.” I even had a chance to mirror the game on a 55-inch HD television and it was absolutely the best decision ever.

The gravity-defying gameplay was super smooth and I loved the way the different environments, such as underwater, each with their own unique gravity and feel. I will admit that the underwater levels were both my favorite and least favorite. I say least because they were the most stressful! Seriously, gamer beware, there are some nasty creatures lurking in the water.

The good news is, “life” is easy to come by so you’ll have many chances to die. The only consequence of getting down to zero is losing your checkpoint and starting from the beginning of the level. Another highlight, is the eerie soundtrack, which the developers suggest headphones for. I too recommend using headphones to immerse yourself in the game’s atmospheric soundscape.

Visual and aural pleasures aside, I also enjoyed game’s simple storyline. The game comes with 30 levels and a final showdown. There are four zones and each comes with a comic book style vignette. The game even rewards completionists with bonus levels that only become unlocked when you collect all three black diamonds hidden in each level. Trust me, you’ll want to do this as the gameplay is worth the extra effort. Overall, I highly recommend Naught Reawakening, as a delightful escape to your everyday phone routine.

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