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My Hero: One’s Justice
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My Hero: One’s Justice

A plus ultra hit for fans of the popular anime series and fighting game fanatics.

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Last year, I took a chance on watching a little known anime series called My Hero Academia, which quickly blew up into a phenomenon despite being like a lot of popular shows out there. It was only a matter of time before video games based on this hit would emerge, which brings us to My Hero: One’s Justice. While I’m unsure why it’s not called My Hero Academia: One’s Justice (licensing issues?), I am sure that fans of the anime and fighting games will want to see the pluses of this ultra fighter.

For those who haven’t seen the anime, it takes place in a world where nearly everyone has a superpower known as a “Quirk”. This leads countries all over the world to make superhero schools where students can learn to hone their abilities and eventually become superhero civil servants of sorts (try saying that three times fast). The greatest of these heroes is All Might, who is nearly invincible and super strong. Our main character, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya is his biggest fan, and one of the few people born without a quirk. This all changes when the two meet face to face, and All Might is able to pass his quirk to Midoriya and train him to enter the school known as the U.A. Academy and harness this power without destroying his body.

Where there are heroes, there must be villains, right? This comes in the form of the League of Villains, who are all about taking these heroes out with their quirks no matter how big or small they are, even the kids training in the schools. This game takes place right around somewhere in the second season of the series while going up to the middle of the third. So if you haven’t watched that far yet, you might want to hold off on playing. Those who are ready will find all of their favorite heroes and villains from the anime here, and you’re able to play both sides throughout the campaign mode.

Playing as an arena fighting game, you’re able to move about the 3D stage while doing your best to pummel your opponent with fighting moves and special abilities. Fans will be happy to know the super moves are recreated faithfully from the series, right down to Midoriya channeling his power to unleash a sonic boom from flicking his finger which damages his hand and arm in the process. As with any fighting games, you’re able to string together combos, block, dodge, and use special abilities to win.

There’s other modes you can play outside of the main campaign, such as mission mode where you have to overcome certain conditions in order to win. Arcade mode has you duking it out in a six-match series against the CPU. Then there’s online multiplayer that gives you access to matchmaking, an online lobby, and of course there’s a local multiplayer mode where you can take on your friends nearby. Lastly there’s an always welcomed training mode where you can practice to be the best.

As you play, you’re able to earn currency that lets you unlock all sorts of cool and silly extras in the game, from zany costumes you can edit and alternate voice lines for your characters, to changing your winning poses. As with most of Bandai Namco’s anime based titles, the graphics and sounds are spot on at capturing the show’s look and feel here. It’s also presented in its native Japanese with subtitles that features all of the voice actors from the anime that’s a sweet touch to make fans feel like they’re part of the series.

If you enjoy the anime and love 3D fighting titles, you’ll want to throw on your superhero duds and enroll with My Hero: One’s Justice. It has everything you could want from the show, right down to its look and sound thanks to keeping the original Japanese voice cast, and there’s so many wacky things you can unlock with future DLC on the way that’s sure to be a plus ultra good time for those who play.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell