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Mushroom Wars
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Mushroom Wars

The original mushroom-based strategy spawns onto the PC for a fungus-filled good time.

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I like mushrooms. I mean, what’s not to like? They’re the absolute perfect vehicle for sauces, butter, anything… so why not a game? Super Mario allusions aside, Mushroom Wars originally got started on the PlayStation 3 (via PSN) before germinating its way onto the iPad and other platforms. Luckily for us, it’s now available on PC for everyone else to enjoy.

And Mustroom Wars is quite enjoyable – and addictive. I’ve had a lot of fun reigning hellfire on what could have easily been a pre-civilization Smurf’s village. That’s what you should expect when booting this one up.

Mushroom Wars is pretty much a standard castle capture strategy game. You assume the role of a mushroom general – you’re nameless and faceless – so let’s call you General Fungus. As a generally fun guy you become very distraught over an unseen dreadful menace which threatens your peaceful way of life in the Mushroom Kingdom. This unseen deathcap of despicableness has turned neighbor against neighbor; White Button against Shiitake, Portobello against Cremini… the gill carnage is severe. It is up to you to be the voice of reason and try to keep peace through superior numbers.

What can I say about gameplay? Well, it’s simple, played in real-time and employs a ton of strategy. And I’m serious about that because as you progress through the ever-increasing difficulty of the 32 levels even easy seems to hard! You have the choice of playing the campaign or skirmish where you fight other players online. Mushroom Wars doesn’t weigh itself down with trite nonsense or complex scenarios; it instead only offers a few which includes capture the cap, king of the log, and scorched earth. Your standard strategy fare.

Your mushroom legion occupies different types of mushrooms from defensive towers that fire on your enemies to smith shops that improve your weaponry. Each of these buildings can be used to transport your troops to closer targets without weakening your other positions. The buildings can be upgraded to house more soldiers and improve its weapons, defenses, etc. The strategy involved to win at these scenarios is fairly advanced and even playing on easy is anything but. There’s not a lot to the gameplay itself because it’s pretty much point, click, and double-click.

If you enjoy strategy games with fun visuals that don’t take themselves too serious then give Mushroom Wars a chance. I couldn’t stop playing because I needed to crush my enemies under a compost-soiled boot. The only thing worth mentioning, and this could just be me, but the controls are a little iffy. You have to click and right click and double-click on the various mushrooms in order to send your troops and upgrade your buildings. I find this “slips” easily on a laptop’s touch pad; a standard 2-button mouse would most assuredly be more effective. With that said, if you’re in my boat then just be more mindful of your mouse action.

About the Author: Michael Robert Klass