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Monster Monpiece
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Monster Monpiece

A whole bunch of silly fanservice slapped on top of a decent card battle game – with plenty of rubbing.

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So it’s that time again. What time, you ask? Well, it’s time to review one of THOSE games again. You know, like when a new Senran Kagura comes out. We’re going to brave the minefield of controversy, try not to fall back on the groan-inducing trope of “Oh Japan…” that’s so popular with the gaming press, and talk about Monster Monpiece on Steam. Buckle up, folks.

So here’s the deal: you’re May. You have the power to control monster girls, which are girls who are also monsters because shut up, that’s why. You want to get all the Magus Quartz because otherwise bad guys might get them, which is bad, and to do so you’re going to need to use your monster girls to engage in Yu-Gi-Oh style card battles; these play out a bit like Mojang’s dead card game Scrolls, since you need to play tactically and move your units around as you summon them.

It’s fairly in depth in terms of strategy. I can say this because I’m a lot less terrible at it than I was at the ill-fated Scrolls, which is probably because I didn’t play with any other people and get my ass handed to me. There’s a whole bunch of cards to mess with, and creating a balanced and effective deck is a lot of fun; there’s a strong strategic element when it comes to using faster, less expensive and weaker cards versus more powerful and expensive options. Given that the game is largely a sequence of card battles punctuated with cutscenes, it’s nice that the system on offer is pretty well done.

Okay, now for the more unique aspects of the game: you’ve got to power up your cards. How? Uh…rubbing them down a bunch, because shut up, that’s why. Yes, that’s actually rubbing them. I’d like to say that this is all handled in a mature and adult way, but I try not to lie in reviews. Instead, let’s just say that this is a fanservice game and it goes pretty much exactly the way you think it would. If that’s not what you’re into, you’ll want to stay a significant distance away from this one. Definitely mute the game during these bits, also. Trust me.

I mean, it looks and sounds nice! It’s pretty standard anime-style art, and this is Compile Heart, so the Neptunia games should tell you that they know what they’re doing on that end. The monster girl designs are all…er…varied. There’s a lot of different ones! They look different as you level them up! That, again, means exactly what you think it means given how you level them up! If you find that kind of thing appealing, you will find this game particularly appealing! Let’s wrap this up instead of getting any further into this because hoo boy that’s just a big old can of worms.

Look, Monster Monpiece is a whole bunch of silly fanservice slapped on top of a decent card battle game. You’re coming for either the fanservice or the card battling, and if you can stomach the aspect of the game you didn’t come for, you’re bound to have a good time. Now it’s on Steam, so if you don’t have a Vita, you can check it out there too! Play the rubbing minigame with the mouse! Oh god, that sounds wrong. Look, this is probably not one of the games I’d want people to see that I’m playing, but hell, I said that about Glittermitten Grove as well and everyone seemed to love that one.

About the Author: Cory Galliher