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Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two Episode Two
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Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two Episode Two

Picks up the pace in this adventure that will have you longing for the next episode.

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While most Minecraft fans enjoyed the start of the second season to story mode, it tended to be a bit flat in areas. It’s good to know that the pace is finally going up a notch in Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two – Episode 2: Giant Consequences. With all of your favorite characters and decisions coming back for the ride, there’s enough excitement here that leave you pumped for the block-filled episode.

Picking up from the previous episode, Jesse and company will need to hone their hero skills to square off against the evil Admin, who has plunged the the world into darkness thanks to making it be night time all the time. Any Minecraft player worth their salt already knows what unspeakable horrors come out at night in the game series, and up to you to guide Jesse and friends through Telltale’s usual grab bag of fun involving QTE (quick time events), exploration bits, and of course loads of decision making options to save the day, literally.

Telltale managed to turn up things a notch in this episode, though it does start off a bit sluggish. Thankfully by the halfway point, things really take a turn for the better and will have you both satisfied and frustrated thanks to leaving players on a nice cliffhanger that will make you feel like the next episode can’t come soon enough. At least there’s plenty of fun things to do here, namely the Minecraft-like moments Telltale sneaks into the gameplay, and the always enjoyable dialogue parts in which you get to choose how to reply and see how your decisions affect the story.

Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two – Episode 2: Giant Consequences gives this season the kick in the pants it needed to get things in gear. While it ends on a cliffhanger that will have most thinking this episode went by way too fast, there’s enough block-filled goodness to keep you entertained until the next episode, Jailhouse Block, comes along which can’t be released soon enough.

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