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Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two Episode Three
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Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two Episode Three

Not quite as fast paced as the last episode, but still has enough block-filled action for all.

Telltale Games has been stepping up their block game lately with the Minecraft: Story Mode titles, and their latest entry, Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two Episode Three: Jailhouse Block, is no exception. While not as frantic as the previous entries as it slows things down a little in this episode, there’s still enough intense moments and action to knock any player’s block off.

Jesse and friends are still doing their best to take down the all-powerful and evil Admin, but their last adventure leads them to being locked away in prison. Of course being Minecraft and all, it isn’t just any prison, but a zombie-infested one that you’ll have to help Jessie and company escape in the aptly titled episode. Here Jessie tries to adjust to prison life and deals with not only the prisoners, but some of the higher-ups that run it. You’ll have to talk to others, find your friends, explore and quick-time-event your way to fight through the prison and escape.

While I did enjoy working my way though Jailhouse Block, it does start off a bit slower than the previous entries. Not to say it’s all bad, as I did like how Jessie and the gang slowly come up with a plan to get out and how things really begin to pick up the closer you get to pulling the plan off. There’s a pretty enjoyable moment later on when you tackle a huge enemy boss that has you flinging fireballs back at it by using your sword to deflect them, and there’s a touching bit where you’ll have to make a tough choice between two characters close to you. It’s moments like these where the series really shines, and they make you wish there were more of them to be found as you play through.

While it may be a bit slow for some and features some pretty cool elements here and there that feel too far and few in between, Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two Episode Three: Jailhouse Block still has enough chips off the old block to keep you playing until you reach yet another cliffhanger. As with many of Telltale’s other titles, you’ll feel as though the next episode, Below the Bedrock, can’t come soon enough as we wait to see what’s in store for Jessie and friends.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell