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Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 5: Order Up!
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Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 5: Order Up!

Telltale finds its footing in the fifth episode with whimsical storytelling that’s more in line with the source material.

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With the narrative arc of Story Mode seemingly all tied up nicely at the end of episode 4, I went into Telltale’s final episode, Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 5: Order Up!, a bit curious as to where our heroes were headed. Fast on the heels of episode 5 was also the announcement of three more episodes to release this summer, so naturally this final act is a setup for the adventures of season 2.

Episode 5 rejoins Jesse and his gang of the newly reformed Order of the Stone several months on from the last time that we met them. Rather than a bunch of unsure builders feeling their way through dangerous encounters with dumb luck, the group is now a seasoned collection of warriors and treasure hunters. On intel from one-time enemy Ivor, the gang heads to a long abandoned temple, only to discover something that will lead them to an isolated city above the clouds, thought to house a legendary resource creator known as the Eversource.

There were some truly funny moments in Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5 ‘Order Up!’, ones that showed the power of the Telltale writing department once again. To be sure, there isn’t anything on par with the stellar Tales from the Borderlands contained in here, but it comes as close as any episode in the series has to that lofty goal. Some characters feels like they’ve been Flanderized a bit, but when it serves the plot so well that can be forgiven. And with fewer of them to deal with, each character gets more time to be fleshed out.

However, it is not an entire reinvention of the series, so problems do still linger, some of which are quite large. Technical issues have pretty much become expected for Telltale adventures. This game has fewer than the rest, but they are still there. Audio and animation seems to be the biggest problem, with lips sometimes moving well after the audio actually played. Luckily the art style is quite enjoyable, and works well with the less than capable engine, so there aren’t too many of these instances, and stuttering is kept at a minimum.

After some uneven execution in previous episodes Telltale finds its footing in Minecraft Story Mode Episode 5: Order Up! by delivering whimsical storytelling that’s more in line with the source material plus a touch of seriousness that doesn’t feel forced. The result is a more fleshed-out episode that’s more entertaining and arguably the most enjoyable in the series so far.

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