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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mega Battle
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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mega Battle

You’ll want to get your Ranger kicks elsewhere as the power isn’t here unfortunately.

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When Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came to the states back in 1993, I along with most of the younger generation back then became instant fans. I would go on to enjoy it until around the late 90’s when I realized the bad acting, writing, special effects and fight choreography was old and getting worse by the season. I always hoped someone would take the franchise and make something awesome out of it, which is why I can’t wait to see the new movie based on it this spring. Sadly Bandai-Namco and Bamtang Games has dropped the ball on what could’ve been great with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mega Battle, which lack any fun or power for fans and beat-em-up players alike.

Featuring the original six rangers from the start of the series (yes Tommy is here in his green and white versions), you get to choose one and make your way through six stages chapters with three levels each that are based on various classic episodes from the show. As you can imagine, you start off with no powers and with a basic attack, jump, dodge and block abilities as. When you get a little further in and meet Zordon and his fight to save the world from the evil Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and other foes, you gain the ability to morph into a Power Ranger. While morphed, your health is increased while also giving you access to your Ranger’s weapon of choice and a laser pistol to fight off enemies and collect orbs to replenish health and some to collect experience points to use in unlocking new skills. The third level has you fighting a particular boss that tends to grow into a giant just like the series, prompting your rangers to join their dinosaur Zords to come together like Voltron and form the Megazord to take down the boss and move on to the next stage.

Given this is a game for kids and fans of the series, you’d think it would be fun and simple, but sadly that’s not the case thanks to so-so controls, lackluster combat and more. As soon as you start playing, you’ll notice the controls feel off as enemies tend to land cheap hits on you even if you try to block them. Then there’s special enemies you can only defeat a certain way, such as with a jumping attack that try to mix things up, but it still turns into boring, repetitive gameplay. To add insult to injury, the Megazord battles are reduced to aim and shoot specific spots and finally a giant quick-time-event to wrap up the battle. The game’s only saving grace comes in the form of four player local co-op that lets you and three other friends take on the enemies here, but even that should be available for online co-op play as well which sadly isn’t featured here.

I wish the sounds were as good as the visuals, as the graphics have a clean but cartoon-like look to them that fits in with the franchise pretty well. But the audio side of things are pretty bad here as the so-so rock music tries to mimic the theme song from the show, but kudos to it for actually playing Bulk and Skull’s theme when they show up. But sadly the basic hit sound effects, grunts, and low quality voice samples just don’t cut it.

I really wanted to like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mega Battle, as it did bring back some memories thanks to the old-school beat-em-up gameplay, but the original SNES title from back in the day was more fun than this release. Maybe one day someone will make a Power Rangers game that will be awesome like the new reboot movie is doing with the original series, but this title lacks the power you’re looking for.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell