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Mighty Adventure (iOS)
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Mighty Adventure (iOS)

Pixel Trap makes their game debut with a fun mobile game that everyone is sure to love with Mighty Adventure.

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The mobile game world is pretty huge and only gets bigger, as there are literally hundreds of games out there you can play on your devices. But every so often a game manages to peek above the crowd, and Pixel Trap does just that with their entry that puts a fun, colorful spin on the action-platformer genre in Mighty Adventure. Here you get to control three jumping heroes that go on (you guessed it) an adventure that is truly mighty in fun.

Formed by people who previously worked at Electronic Arts, Gameloft and Ubisoft, Pixel Trap makes their game debut with their iOS exclusive Mighty Adventure. Here players get to take control of three characters that you can switch between at any time to use their different abilities. There’s a blue character that can double jump, a purple one that can stomp and break through floors, and a red one who can jump and dash in mid-air. You’ll have to use these skills to make your way past enemies, collect bubbles and save their elder master from the evil Big Boss (yeah it’s not much of a story, but it serves its purpose). Thanks to a nice amount of check points you’re able to quickly pick up not far from where you lose a life, making things a little more forgiving for casual players but might feel a little easy for those more experienced.

Similar to the Rayman mobile game series, your character moves automatically while you tap the screen to jump and again to use their special ability. You’ll find yourself switching between the three quite often, as the levels and patterns of the bubbles you collect is set up in such a way that you have to constantly switch to collect them all and make your way through the stage. It can be pretty challenging trying to memorize the stage layout and learning precisely when to jump and switch characters for those trying to collect every single bubble on a level.

When you complete a level, the next one unlocks with a total of forty as of the game’s release. For those who don’t want to wait to unlock them all or can’t get past a level, there’s an in-app purchase to unlock them all for 99 cents and is the only purchase for the game. So anyone willing to tough the levels out doesn’t have to worry about the game turning into a money pit. For a game that’s only 99 cents to purchase, Pixel Trap has put a lot of effort into making this feel like a big budget title. The graphics are colorful and fun to look at, while the animation and frame rate are smooth as butter. The audio isn’t too bad either as the happy-go-lucky tunes keep you going while cartoony sound effects fit the action perfectly.

For it to be their first title, Pixel Trap has done a great job with Mighty Adventure. The fun look and feel of the game along with plenty of action-platformer challenges are sure to keep casual and hardcore mobile gamers busy throughout the forty levels presented here. If you’re looking something cool to play on your iOS device for just under a dollar, you can’t go wrong on this adventure that sure is mighty fun.


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