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Lumines Remastered
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Lumines Remastered

One of the best puzzle games is finally remastered for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

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When I first played Lumines on the PSP back in the mid 2000s, I was immediately hooked by it’s intense and awesome soundtrack and gameplay. So of course I picked up the sequel on the system, as well as the numerous spin-offs on other platforms as I always had to have my puzzle fix. Now all this time later the first entry has been remastered and released on just about every platform out there in the aptly titled Lumines Remastered. If you love music games and puzzlers, this game is a must-have, especially for original fans while it’s sure to create tons of new ones.

As with most puzzle games, it follows the whole “easy to learn but tough to master” thing where the game field is a grid with square blocks coming down from the top of the screen consisting of two different colors. It’s up to you to match up these blocks and colors with another of the same color which makes it transform into a solid color cube, which you then keep doing as fast as you can before the timeline crosses the screen which erases any solid color cubes you make and gives you points. Of course the goal is to make sure these blocks don’t reach the top of the screen and to rack up as many points as you can.

If that wasn’t simple and fun enough, the game takes things a step further by featuring an epic soundtrack consisting of funk, EDM, pop music, and more that will have you grooving as you play. There are so many times that I got lost in the music and the mesmerizing colors and backgrounds while playing, that it would actually cause me to lose focus on my game. I’m not saying this as a complaint mind you, but as a testament of how awesome the music and backgrounds are.

You can also turn on different vibration modes to feel the beats and rhythm of the music and puzzle pieces. This is especially taken advantage of on the Nintendo Switch as you can use up to eight Joy-Cons and place them all around your body to really feel the cool vibes of the music.

There’s also different modes to check out besides the basic mode where you play to unlock newer skins or stages to use. There’s a Shuffle mode you can unlock where you can play the skins you’ve unlocked in a random order, there’s an endless mode where you can play as long as you can hold out, and other cool modes such as puzzle mode where you have to match the colors a certain way to solve the random puzzle thrown at you, and a versus mode where you can take on the CPU or another friend locally. While it is sad there isn’t any online play, there are online leaderboards you can go for.

It would’ve been nice if they could’ve included skins from Lumines II in this game to make for an ultimate version of sorts, but Lumines Remastered is still loads of fun for old and new fans alike. Featuring simple and addictive gameplay coupled with some of the most interesting and fun music you’ll ever hear, you’ll want to get lost in this chip off the old color block.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell