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Love at First Sight (Steam)
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Love at First Sight (Steam)

Not especially groundbreaking for a visual novel, cute cyclops girl aside, but a likable game that could have been much more off-putting.

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So if you don’t keep up with your pals here at Popzara, you probably have terrible taste and should really reevaluate your life. Er, I mean…if you don’t keep up with Popzara, you’re probably not familiar with the one, the only: me. One of my quirks is that I lack stereoscopic vision, meaning I basically only see out of one eye. There’s a surprising number of effects this has on gaming. For one, I’m not able to play anything 3D – thankfully, every model of the Nintendo 3DS has made it possible to turn this off, and it looks like the big push toward 3D everything has otherwise been a passing fad. Second, I’m better able to appreciate Love at First Sight: a visual novel where the female lead only sees out of one eye herself.

Well, she only sees out of one eye because that’s all she’s got. Sachi’s a cyclops, y’see. It’s pretty striking and serves to characterize the game as a whole. The art has a markedly creepy and macabre feel to it, and the fact that your love interest is so obviously different helps cement this. Despite this, the game doesn’t really come off as a joke. Sachi’s written surprisingly seriously given how the game looks from the outside, and the story arc is surprisingly touching; I say “arc” because this is a kinetic novel, so there’s only one ending and there isn’t much interactivity. Without going into it too deeply, as per usual for VNs, it was heartening to see that none of the subject matter is really played off as a joke; I’m not the delicate, sensitive sort, but I can appreciate it when a game approaches a subject with respect.

As mentioned, the art has a bit of a dark feel; the term “heavy” comes to mind, with distinctively intense shadowing showing up on both the characters and backgrounds. Said backgrounds are one of the game’s highlights – they’re stunningly detailed and there’s plenty of them to look at. As for the music, I didn’t find it especially noteworthy, though again there’s plenty of it so you won’t be listening to the same tune over and over again.

Love at First Sight is fairly short for a visual novel, with my playthrough running for around an hour and a half. Cute cyclops girl aside, it’s not especially groundbreaking, either, but it’s a likable game that could have been much more off-putting. I can see this one getting discounted fairly quickly, so if you’re interested it probably won’t take long to find this game at a price you’re willing to pay.

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