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An enjoyable puzzle game that’s as retro and simple as it gets.

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Ever since Tetris came on the scene, I’ve always been a big fan of puzzle games. One of the latest breaks down video games to its most basic level and places a very fun and unique spin on it in Linelight from developer My Dog Zorro. If you enjoy puzzle games as much as I do, along with some very relaxing and tranquil piano music, you’ll want to make a line for this puzzler.

No complex story or controls here, as Linelight’s goal is as simple as it gets, you control a beam of light that needs to get from from one end of a puzzle to the other. Sounds easy enough, right? It is at first, as all you do is move from left to right or right to left. Soon though, you’ll have to sneak your line past red enemy lines, activate switches to change lines to travel on, grab keys to unlock paths, and more that slowly but surely becomes more difficult as you go.

The fun and sometimes frustrating part of this game is that the puzzles look deceptively easy and simple, but will trick you more times than not as you attempt to make your way through them. One wrong move or hesitation will result in you having to start the puzzle over again, but quickly being able to do so with a button press eases the pain of losing quite a bit. There’s also secret lines you can find yourself on, most times by accident. If you’re lucky enough to find these, they usually lead to more challenging puzzles to test your brain on.

I have to admit the main thing that pulled me into the game besides the simple gameplay is the beautiful and soothing piano music featured here. I love how it’s mellow at first then picks up to a jazzy pace complete with light drums when enemy red lines appear. While it’s a short loop of music that quickly repeats itself, it never becomes annoying and will most likely have you humming along while you play and when you’re off doing other things.

Linelight is one of those unique games that you really have to try for yourself. For a budget indie title, it’s one of the most engaging – and fun – ones you can play right now. With a beautiful score, simple gameplay that’s super easy to learn but hard to master for young and old gamers alike, you’ll want to make a beeline for this one as soon as you can.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell