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Life is Strange Before the Storm Episode 3 – Hell is Empty
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Life is Strange Before the Storm Episode 3 – Hell is Empty

The emotional grey conclusion of the prequel series to Life is Strange that leaves you with more questions then answers.

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Arcadia Bay doens’t seem like a place I’d like to spend a vacation and with everything Chloe Price has been through with Rachel Amber, it’s no wonder they want to leave as soon as possible. I’m not so far gone from my teenage years that I can’t understand the emotional weight behind each decision made. This last episode proved to be a mix of navigating grey areas that can either leaving you feeling like you got your hands dirty or questioning your morality.

Avoiding spoilers, one of the major differences is the adults left a significant emotional impact towards the end. David no longer acted like the aloof jerk Chloe had pegged him to be, but instead made an effort to make an emotional connection with his soon to be daughter-in-law. He even hands her a picture of one of his partners that passed away during the war which Chloe can choose to accept or decline. Even Amber’s father acts surprisingly heartfelt and human, thanking Chloe for stepping in to be his daughter’s best friend.

New realizations come to the forefront of their lives when hidden information comes to light that Amber’s father has been keeping from her. Their original plan of escaping takes a backseat to these new discoveries and leaves Chloe to make hard decisions on whether to move forward into this uncertain future or to hide it all from the one true friend she’s had all this time.

This ultimately led me to the question whether it’s better to hide the truth from someone you love to keep them happy or to be forward with them about what has happened? It’s a hard call to make when all the facts are laid out at the end. I was left adrift in a sea of emotions, wondering if there were any “right” answers. In the end, nothing stood out on whether it was truly right or wrong to hide a truth for the sake of someone else’s happiness. Ignorance is bliss, right?

There were side stories that felt like they were wrapped up abruptly and not given enough time to evolve organically. Eliot has a strange creeper/stalker abuse meltdown during one scene where Chloe breaks back into Amber’s house looking for evidence. It felt out of character considering out sweet he’d been previously with her and showed genius new concern for her well-being. The suddenly human aspects of the parents also felt strange, even though they were welcome, but out of character for people who had previously been against everything the girls were doing.

Love it or hate it, episode three is a bag of emotions with surprises and touching moments thrown in for good measure. I do wish the entire mini-series had just one more episode to let everything evolve organically, but in the end it’s a fairly decent experience.

About the Author: Nia Bothwell