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Leonardo’s Cat
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Leonardo’s Cat

StoryToys serves up some purr-fect fun in this mobile puzzle title.

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Every once in awhile, a mobile title will come along that’s made with care and backed by talent that makes it a joy to play through. StoryToys’ Leonardo’s Cat is that game, as the team behind it places a fun spin on the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci and his many creations to bring gamers a well crafted puzzler that’s the cat’s meow.

Featuring characters created by Michael Frith, who has worked on such popular Jim Henson projects as The Muppets and Fraggle Rock, writing by Bob Tedeschi (New York Times, Bobo Explores Light), and Patrick Stewart of Star Trek: The Next Generation and X-Men movie franchise fame as the voice of Da Vinci, you already know a lot of thought went into making this title. In this puzzle-filled delight, you play as an assistant of sorts to Da Vinci and his cat Scungilli, as you help the two of them recover stolen parts of Da Vinci’s automaton, the world’s first robot that has been taken by his rival, Michelangelo.

As you begin on your quest to reclaim the missing parts, each level starts with Scungilli waiting for you to lay out some of Da Vinci’s inventions and contraptions to help him bypass obstacles throughout the stage, such as pitfalls, stairs, and boxes. For example, you can make him bounce off a spring contraption to hop over pits, or place a parachute to help him glide down from a fall or over something. You can fine tune the inventions by tapping them, and once you’ve dragged the items to their positions on the level, you tap the play button and watch Scungilli make his way through the stage using the contraptions and settings you picked. The further you get into the game, the trickier the levels become, as you’ll have to place multiple objects down, and sometimes there are different paths to reach the goal at the end.

I can tell a lot went into making this game as I played, as the presentation of the graphics and animations are very well done. Everything has a simple yet detailed look, and the animations on both Da Vinci and Scungilli reminded me of a well made children’s show. And to top things off, Patrick Stewart does a perfect job voicing Da Vinci, as he brings the character to life with sage intellect mixed in with just the right amount of humor that’s sure to make players smile and chuckle.

Leonardo’s Cat is a fun, well made title that’s just right for mobile devices. Those who give it a try are sure to be entertained by the wonderful presentation and humor, while being challenged by the many puzzles of the game. Thrown in the always amazing Patrick Stewart, and you have a purr-fect title anyone can enjoy.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell