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Lego Worlds
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Lego Worlds

Those who enjoy Legos and Minecraft will want to explore these worlds.

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I’ve been a fan of Lego toys for as long as I’ve been around, as they’re the perfect toy or gift for anyone at any age. I’ve also enjoyed the video games based off the famous toys as well, and Lego Worlds is no exception. If you enjoy the toys and games like I do, and love Minecraft, this title combines all of those into a fun experience for anyone to play.

Much like Minecraft, Lego Worlds is a sandbox game where you take your Lego hero on quests filled with exploring, gathering materials, and of course building things. You start off as a Lego astronaut who crash lands on a pirate Lego world. From here, you’ll receive some quests from the pirates such as fixing and building things, collecting parts and more. For each of these tasks you complete, you’re rewarded with gold Lego bricks you can use to fix up your spacecraft and fly to another Lego world with more quests and adventure. Also by collecting gold bricks, you’ll unlock more worlds to check out, some which are pretty huge. Once you’ve unlocked all of them, you’ll be able to create and populate your own world with whatever you want.

Creating and building things isn’t too complicated thanks to tools and mini menus that allow you to perform such actions as copy, build, paint, and even construct things in one go if you find instructions for building something during your quests. While not ground-breaking, the graphics and sounds are pretty spot on for a Lego game which comes off as fun and simplistic. I did run into some framerate issues and pop-in on the PlayStation 4 review copy I was sent, but hopefully some future patches will fix these issues. Also there’s drop-in co-op gameplay in the form of a split-screen mode and online, though it’s limited to your online friend list instead of being able to find other available players. Besides these issues, I still found myself enjoying the quests and collecting bricks to unlock new worlds to explore.

If you love Legos and Minecraft (and who doesn’t?), you’ll want to hit the bricks and explore Lego Worlds. A couple of technical and gameplay issues still can’t get in the way of the endless fun you can have here by yourself, but as with the toys it’s based on, it’s more exciting when played with others.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell