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Those who enjoy a pixel-filled RPG adventure will want to bark up this tree.

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I really didn’t know what to make of Kwaan at first, as there’s so much going on in its colorful, pixelated world at first glance. But once you take the time to get into the swing of Ankama Games’ pixel laden adventure on Steam, you’ll find out it is a world worth saving and will have indie game fans barking up this quest giving tree.

Kwaan follows the world of some tiny beings known as the dwaal and how it seems to be coming to an end. A giant tree that gives them and their world life named Kwaan needs the dwaal to perform rituals and quests to keep it happy and healthy in order to keep sustaining life for all. It’s up to you to help make this happen by doing random things such as drawing pixel pictures, placing fruit in areas of the tree, and more. Failure to do so results in the tree becoming unhappy and eventually dying, causing the world you’ve helped to create to come to an end and reset to the beginning.

Thankfully this game is controlled with the mouse, which makes doing all of these zany tasks fairly easy. Your random quests will have you interacting with the nature aspects of your world, from plants to animals in order to keep Kwaan happy, growing, and productive. It’s pretty cool to know that you’re also playing with others doing the same quests to keep the life tree going, giving a sense of a MMO / community feel to the game. As mentioned before, the pixel art is pretty detailed and colorful, even though I’ve never been a fan of the style. The music is one of the best things here and features plenty of wind instruments and tribal drums that make you feel like you’re part of a fun-having jungle tribe.

I’ll admit I enjoyed Kwaan for the most part, as the MMO aspect of keeping the world / server alive is pretty cool along with the nice soundtrack. The quests do grow stale after awhile, but fans of indie titles, MMOs, and RPGs will enjoy barking up this life giving tree and it’s wonderful world of colorful pixels.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell