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Kromaia Omega
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Kromaia Omega

A short, pleasing shooter that doesn’t overstay its welcome and should make Rez fans happy.

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The modern generation of game consoles has been friendly toward indie developers. It’s been interesting to see indies get the same sort of top-level billing received by AAA games on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Today we’re looking at an indie game that’s sitting pretty on the PlayStation 4: Kraken Empire’s Kromaia Omega, a port of last year’s shooter that debuted on Steam.

I reviewed the original Kromaia on PC some time ago, and Kromaia Omega is largely the same, so much so that you might want to read that review as well. This is a very pretty shooter that brings to mind the classic Rez. You’ll choose from several Armor ships, then fly around grabbing gate pieces while blasting baddies and ignoring the bizarre plot. Get all the gate pieces and fight a boss, which will usually involve shooting its glowy bits without being shot yourself. Beat all the stages with each Armor and you’ll be done, save for a couple unlockable bonuses if you’re that into the game.

Unlike Rez, Kromaia is a fully free shooter and you’re able to go wherever you’d like, so long as “wherever you’d like” means “over there while hundreds of baddies chase you around.” It’s still a bit overwhelming, though the PS4’s controller is well suited to this kind of game and helps a bit. Speaking of that, you’re basically getting the same game here as you did with the original; the main addition is a new powerup that boosts your Armor into a deadlier form until you take a hit, and there’s also those unlockable bonuses mentioned earlier like a mode that challenges you to clear the game with only one life.

This is still a gorgeous game that’s great for showing off your hardware; the basic surreal art style is loaded with filters and insane colors. It might even be a bit nausea-inducing for those with weaker stomachs. Glowy, spinny, sparkly crap is flying all over the place at all times. It’s pretty intense. As for the soundtrack, it’s minimal and serves largely as a backdrop to the graphical insanity.

Kromaia Omega is also still fairly short, lasting only a few hours of sustained play. Shooter fans could certainly do worse here, as it’s a very pretty game that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Gamers who may have already tried the PC version of Kromaia aren’t missing out on much here, however, and can safely skip it.

About the Author: Cory Galliher