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Knight Squad 2
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Knight Squad 2

A fun, color-coded party that will have competitive spirits rising at your next game night.

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Online multiplayer games have definitely become popular lately, haven’t they? That’s hardly surprising, given how much time most of us are spending at home these days. I know my friends and I played our fair share of Among Us, Fall Guys, and Jackbox Party 3 throughout the last year, and there are countless others all competing for our increasingly diminishing free time. There’s something about a game where you’re constantly battling it out and being playfully vindictive that’s just a lot of fun. Knight Squad 2 is the perfect example of this.

Knight Squad 2 lets you face off against seven other knights in a battle for victory. There are thirteen games for competitors to test their skills in, including a traditional battle royale, races, soccer matches, and capture the flag (or the Holy Grail, in this case). Each can be customized with variants, which change the weapons and power ups that are dropped during the game and how often they respawn. They can also add an extra challenge in the form of slippery floors and exploding corpses.

The game has both local and online modes. The online mode allows you to create and join rooms with both friends and random players. For online matches, the host of the room picks the games and sets the length and variants. All you have to do is pick what color knight you want to be (and hope someone else hasn’t already claimed the one you want). This part runs really well, and it’s incredibly easy to set up and find rooms, whether it’s with friends or strangers.

If you prefer to play by yourself, local mode has two modes for you to practice your skills and help you unlock new knights and weapons. Tourney mode lets you play a series of short matches against the computer. The games are picked at random, and you play until someone wins three matches. This mode is a great way to try out all the games, find what you like, and get some practice in before playing with other people.

The other mode is Simple Match. This allows you to pick the game, duration, and variants. You’ll still be playing against the computer, but this mode is great if you have a specific game you really enjoy or want to practice. It’s also great for trying out variants and weapons.

With thirteen games to choose from, Knight Squad 2 has something for everyone in your crew. It’s fun, colorful, and it leads to plenty of competition as you run around trying to take out the other knights and avoid getting an arrow to the knee yourself. Whether you’re playing with friends, with strangers, or with the computer, this is one medieval mega match that keeps the fun coming.

About the Author: Sebastian Stoddard