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Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind
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Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind

Brutal boss fights for die-hard Kingdom Hearts fans only.

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Look, there aren’t many games that are absolutely perfect. Most are better in one aspect or another. When we’re talking about Kingdom Hearts III, we’re definitely not talking about its combat as a highlight; that was mostly an exercise in tedium as your dudes unleash super after super after super, slowly wearing down both your time and the enemies’ HP meters. If we’re going to make a DLC for that game, I’d introduce a few more interesting mechanics and maybe not so much a whole bunch of new bosses…but I guess Square Enix didn’t agree when they put together the Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC.

Okay, so there’s two main parts of this DLC: an extended version of the original game’s ending and a boss rush mode. Regardless of what you think of the former (spoiler: the plot of Kingdom Hearts is designed for Japanese schoolchildren and anyone who complains about its complexity is tacitly admitting to not being able to keep up with a fifth grader) the latter is what this DLC’s all about. So let’s talk about that.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was, put simply, a game about super attacks. You’d receive super attacks at random and use them to lay waste to whatever group of foolish enemies decided to oppose you. Then you’d encounter another group of enemies and use whatever super attack the game decided to give you on those as well. Re:Mind tries to expand the concept a little more by encouraging you to engage with Kingdom Hearts 3’s content, but, well…it turns out there wasn’t a whole lot of content there, it was mostly just flashy special moves meant to distract you from how little was actually going on. When you’re put up against baddies that can fight back, KH3 has trouble keeping up.

Sure, you get to fight your favorite Organization XIII members again! Personal favorite Saïx is back, for instance, with his giant moon-blade in tow. As nice as it is to see these guys, though, the fact of the matter is that KH3’s combat still boils down to mashing away while you watch all the excitement that occurs onscreen knowing that you had very little part in causing any of it. Sure, sometimes you have to block and dodge a bit more and you may die sometimes (read: these bosses’ patterns are insane and you’re going to die a whole lot of times), but…that doesn’t make things much more engaging than they already were. Further, the later bosses tend to be the “one-shot you unless you’re massively leveled and even then it’s a stretch” variety, so that doesn’t add a whole lot to the experience either.

And, really, that’s most of what you’re getting with Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind. There’s a whole lot of new bosses and not a whole lot else. Combat was never Kingdom Hearts 3’s strong suit, but that’s what the DLC is all about. Die-hard fans may have a good time with this colorful, sometimes frustrating DLC, but your average player probably won’t feel much of a need to come back to this particular adventure. At a ludicrous $30, it’s pretty hard to recommend. Oh, and there’s a secret boss, but even reaching it is a chore and a half. You probably want to watch somewhere if the bosses prove to be too tough, since it does imply some pretty interesting stuff going on for the future of the series. Trust me.

About the Author: Cory Galliher