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Judgment (PS5)
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Judgment (PS5)

The spin-off hit returns with all its DLC and PS5 improvements to kick butt even harder.

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Before Judgment came along back in 2019, I had never played any of the Yakuza titles or anything related to them. Once I gave it a try, I was hooked by the over-the-top action, awesome open world aspect of different areas of Japan, and of course all of the side missions and activities you can do. Nearly two years later, the hit returns to the PlayStation 5 with all the DLC and awesome next-gen improvements to kick butt harder and solve mysteries faster than ever before.

Our own Cory Galliher enjoyed the game back when it was originally released, and you can check out his review for all of the plot details as I’ll just focus on what’s new and improved. Naturally the first thing you’ll notice if you’re coming from the original game are the vastly improved load times and graphics. Everything gets a fresh coat of 4K textures, dynamic lighting and shadows, and HDR colors to make Kamurocho and its citizens look nearly photorealistic, especially at night when the city comes to life.

This is backed up by a solid 60 fps that makes everything in the game move as smooth as butter, which is always a plus when dealing with the fighting and action parts. Speaking of which, all of the original game’s DLC is included which comes down to additional outfits and gifts for ladies you can go out with, as well as several overpowered battle items you can use should the fights prove to be too tough. There’s also some additional drone parts to make the races and those missions easier.

If there’s any gripes to be had, I’d say the first is obviously having to purchase this version separately from the original instead of Sega allowing you to upgrade for free. Granted it’s only $40 compared to most $70 PS5 releases, but still. Also, the annoyances from the original such as some of the detective bits like tailing someone across town, taking pictures, and using the drone are still here, but that’s just nitpicking as the overall story and action overshadow these moments.

If you loved the original release of Judgment and have $40 sitting around, or if you’ve never checked out any of the Yakuza titles and want something awesome to play on your starving PlayStation 5, then you’ll want to pick this one up. Minor annoyances aside such as original owners having to re-purchase it and some of the detective parts, the kick-butt action and loads of side things you can do make this version worth every bit of yen.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell