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Injustice: Gods Among Us (iOS)
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Injustice: Gods Among Us (iOS)

A mobile translation of Injustice that’s a surprisingly deep and varied experience for a similar tie-in game.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us for iOS follows an explosive comic storyling that gives wings to the upcoming console fighter helmed by NetherRealm Studios, the same people who brought us the excellent Mortal Kombat reimagining. This freemium fighter is a step above many spotty endeavors already released for the popular devices.

This version of Injustice forgoes typical touch-based fighting mechanics, opting instead for an easy to learn layout and satisfying combos to whet both fighting fans’ and superhero-lovers’ appetites. Rather than implementing an onscreen set of buttons and difficult combo strings, swipes and taps are how you’re able to pull off a few good hits. Keep your finger on the screen for a longer amount of time and you’ll throw down more ferocious attacks. So while you could theoretically tap willy-nilly here and there to see that you continually emerge as victor, there’s a layer of strategy that fighter enthusiasts will want to pounce on.

The very same character roster in the console version is available for choosing in-game, and it’s fantastic how much detail was able to be squeezed into a free app – one that’s meant to be played on a small screen at that. Considering it’s from the same developer, NetherRealm Studios, as its bigger-console cousin I wonder if these are even the same assets. If so, that’s very impressive.

If you want to see who’d emerge victorious between Batman and Superman (obviously everyone will want to ) you can do that, and this version of Injustice ensures they look and feel great. However, the ability to unlock certain “rarer’ characters is attached to one caveat: you can choose to purchase “booster packs” to have instant access, or play the game over and over to earn them through leveling up your other favorites. It’s a bit silly to waste money on the chance that your preferred fighter may turn up, since likely anyone who’ll download this app is doing so in preparation for the console release.

Taken simply at face value, aimed at those who may solely game on their iOS devices, however, the mobile translation of Injustice: Gods Among Us is a surprisingly deep and varied experience for a similar tie-in game. Perhaps the most surprising aspect is its popping color palette and amount of detail having been put into ensuring this pocket-sized version is nearly as robust as what I’ve been able to experience of the console version. And for the low price of free, it can’t hurt to find out which version you’ll end up preferring.

About the Author: Brittany Vincent