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In Between
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In Between

A tricky but fun puzzler for those who don’t mind looking for which way is up.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve played a puzzle game that challenges the mind with figuring out creative ways to move past obstacles. Game developer Gentlymad does just that here with their game, In Between. With a sad but interesting tale combined with solid puzzle action, those who love mind challenges will want to check this one out.

In this title, you play a man who is dying from cancer. From here, you begin to flashback to his earlier, happier memories while trying to starve off the sadness of his impending end. To do this, you must guide him through a series of mazes with an exit door at the end to move on to the next stage and set of memories. This is where things get interesting, as you can move left or right, but you can’t jump. So to get around this problem, you’re able to rotate the stage so up becomes down, or right, left and such with the press of a button. This becomes more of a challenge when you come across spiked walls and falling objects, both which will send you back to the start of the level should you be injured by them. It can get frustrating really fast, especially when you get stuck on a stage and want to know more about the man and his past, from building a snowman with his father to making his way through school.

The graphics are simple but draw you into the sad and sometimes happy life of the man. Things have a dark, gloomy look most of the time, but then colors will burst into the mix when you come across happier times. The soundtrack is equally dark and beautiful while fitting the game perfectly. The narrator also keeps things interesting as you work your way through the mazes and hear all the fun and sad details of the man’s life while you play.

If you’re looking for a great puzzle game that will keep your heartstrings and mind busy, you’ll want to give In Between a look. As long as you’re not easily frustrated, you’ll find a wondrous and fun time here that, like reading a good book, you won’t might getting stuck in.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell