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Gravity Rush 2
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Gravity Rush 2

A worthy sequel to the gravity-defying original with enough new content and twists to feel fresh.

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Gravity, like magnetism, is a miraculous force understood only by scientists and clown-themed rappers. All I know is that it keeps me from flying like an eagle, even with my spirit doing its best to carry me, so I won’t be flying into the future anytime soon. Well, in real life, anyway. In the virtual world I’ve got Gravity Rush 2 to enable my gravity-twisting fantasies. Thank heaven for technology.

Gravity Rush 2 immediately follows the events of the first game and an associated animated prologue. Gravity Shifter Kat finds herself depowered and stuck in a dead-end mining job after being sucked into a spatial rift. It’s a tough life, especially for someone who’s used to flying around and kicking baddies in the face for a living, so it’s probably for the best that this state of affairs doesn’t persist for too long. Kat and other friends from the original game, including Syd the cop and fellow Shifter Raven, end up in the Asian-inspired city of Jirga Para Lhao, a more expansive and interesting environment than the original game’s Hekseville. There’s plenty of mysteries to solve and villains to battle, though the game doesn’t do a great job of summarizing the previous title so you might want to play that one first.

Story, though, who cares about story? We play games for gameplay, right? Like the first, Gravity Rush 2 excels on this point, allowing you to pull off stomach-turning aerial maneuvers that are bound to sicken anybody watching you play. Kat’s standard power set revolves around gravity control, as you might expect, which manifests as flight, aerial combat and a form of telekinesis. You’ll mostly use these abilities to beat the hell out of the Nevi, goopy gem-eyed beasts just begging for a good kick in the face. Nevi have various weak points that need to be destroyed strewn across their bodies, so it’s important to use your gravity control to attack from various angles.

This game shakes things up a little bit by allowing Kat to fine-tune her gravity powers. This comes in the form of a style-changing system; Lunar Style decreases Kat’s weight, while Jupiter Style increases it. These come with associated changes to jump height and speed, along with various changes to Kat’s combat abilities. Lunar Style’s impressively high jumping is neat, though Kat could already fly by default so it doesn’t change much about how you play the game. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to have more options.

Everything’s tied together with a gorgeous cel-shaded art style, much like the first game, and also like that game all the characters speak a French-ish constructed language a la Panzer Dragoon. This game is all about spectacle and it shows; flying around the city and fighting Nevi is a treat for the eyes. One quick note: as mentioned, this game isn’t going to appeal to those who are easily afflicted with motion sickness, so you’ll want to take that into account before picking it up.

If you don’t puke all over everything whenever a camera starts wildly spinning, however, you’ll probably be fine! If that’s the case, and especially if you’re a fan of the original Gravity Rush, then Gravity Rush 2 is worth your time and money. Newbies might also do well to check this one out, though you’ll want to look up a plot summary for the original game if this is your introduction to the series.

About the Author: Cory Galliher