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God Eater 3
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God Eater 3

Monster Hunter fans looking to use giant weapons to cut down giant baddies should take a look at God Eater.

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Along with remasters and remakes all over the place, the current generation of games has been all about bring back franchises that seemed have died out. There’s a third Kingdom Hearts game now! You can play the latest entry in the Darksiders series somehow! We live in a world of untold and surprising joys. Here’s another one of those: the God Eater series is back with its latest installment in God Eater 3! And this time it’s not limited to portable systems so it looks fantastic! I love the future.

In the same post-apocalyptic world we’re familiar with from previous God Eater titles, our customizable protagonist is imprisoned. They’re an AGE, Adaptive God Eater, a special variety of monster-hunting badass capable of taking the fight to the world-devouring genocidal Aragami. As the years have passed, the Aragami have evolved due to exposure to the Ashlands, and it’s up to the AGEs to battle the Ashborn Aragami, fighting for the world and their own freedom.

As with the rest of the franchise, God Eater 3 is a more action-focused take on the hunting-action concept popularized by Monster Hunter. You wield a selection of giant weapons and cut down a selection of giant baddies. Victory allows you to claim their parts, use them to craft more giant weapons and slay even more deadly giant baddies. You’ll then repeat until satisfied. This might sound repetitive, but the number of hunting-action franchises that have arose over the years should hint at how well the formula works.

God Eater’s twists on the formula are an interesting anime story, a set of AI companions to join you on hunts and a much greater degree of mobility in combat. The story is, well…you’re going to love it or hate it, most likely depending on how you feel about anime. There’s plenty of talk about the power of friendship and that kind of thing. Combat’s the real focus here, and you’re able to play both with the aforementioned AI companions and up to three friends. Your weapon, a shapeshifting multi-function device called a God Arc, can take several forms ranging from swords to spears to the new dual daggers or ring-shaped Heavy Moon, as well as deploying gun or shield forms and taking power-enhancing chomps out of baddies (though unfortunately the ability to copy Aragami powers by biting has been removed.)

All of this occurs at a pretty rapid pace and your AGE gets around pretty quickly, so battles are fast, furious and enjoyable. You’re taking on new baddies as well, of course; in particular, the Ashborn Aragami are able to take their own chomps out of you, making them far deadlier.

God Eater 3 is the first entry in the series to not launch on a portable platform. Without the restrictions that this entails, it looks and plays much better than previous titles. Play on PC and soak in that flawless framerate, those high-quality models and the actual honest-to-god sense of weight behind your weapon swings. It’s glorious. Then proceed to turn on the Japanese voice setting so you don’t have to listen to the questionable English voice track. Not everything can be perfect, I suppose.

Questionable English voice acting aside, God Eater 3 is a good time all around, especially if you’re into this genre of game and have finished up Monster Hunter: World. Get a few friends together who don’t mind a little anime in their lives and you’re going to have a great time. Even playing solo, God Eater 3’s presentation and action are more than enough to sell action fans, so check this one out and get to eatin’.

About the Author: Cory Galliher