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Gal*Gun 2
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Gal*Gun 2

If you love anime girls, there’s plenty of them in this crazy sequel.

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Oh man, it’s another one of these games. You know what I mean: another game along the same lines as Senran Kagura and the like. People far more invested than I am have put many more hours and keystrokes into talking about the implications of titles like Gal*Gun 2 and I don’t want to steal their jobs away. Instead, let’s…let’s talk about Gal*Gun 2 in terms that are meant to minimize embarrassment for all involved. It’s going to be tough.

After receiving a mysterious VR headset and associated gun, you’re tasked by an angel with helping to defeat invading demons. This is complicated somewhat by several quirks: the demons tend to possess girls, first off, and the headset causes even those who aren’t possessed to immediately fall madly in love with you. Why? Because shut up, that’s why. Anyway, you’re going to use the entirely non-lethal gun to dispatch your, uh, foes in an entirely wholesome manner.

This, then, is essentially a rail shooter. You’re trying not to be…”attacked” by the women that are constantly coming at you from all sides, and to do this you’re going to shoot them with the aforementioned gun to…uh…make them stop trying to attack you. Yes. Large numbers of enemies can be “defeated” at once by gazing lovingly into their eyes and charging up a super attack. I’m not even joking, that’s actually a thing.

Sometimes those women have demons floating around them, generating a defensive field that you can disable with a lot of concentrated fire or by vacuuming up the demons directly. Between bouts of “combat” you can move from spot to spot, changing venues and progressing through each stage. Success will earn prizes that can be spent on what is essentially a dating sim minigame as well as new outfits for the opposition. It’s fun for the whole family, though it’s clear what the goal was here. A hint: it wasn’t advancing the rail shooter genre to new heights, oh no.

The actual goal of Gal*Gun 2, which you can probably surmise, is achieved about as well as it could be. Your lovestruck opponents and their associated demonic possessors tend to look unique and interesting for what they are, which is kind of the point. Likewise, the amount of side content available helps justify the purchase a little more, but you really need to be able to buy into the concept if you want this to go anywhere for you.

That’s what it comes down to, really: like the Senran Kagura games or Valkyrie Drive, this one relies heavily on user buy-in to work. If you’re not interested in the concept as presented above, nothing Gal*Gun 2 does is going to change your mind. If, on the other hand, you read about the game and it just gets your heart a-fluttering, well…there aren’t a lot of options that do it better, so buy and enjoy.

About the Author: Cory Galliher